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Transport Cars and Racks

Admiral values comfort and usability very highly. For this reason, they have developed effective solutions for the transport of event equipment. This makes the assembly and dismantling of stages and truss constructions very easy.

Admiral?s Stage Deck dollies can carry up to 6 stage decks which are designed for Prolyte, Sixty82 and Bütec products. The so-called Teckels and Strong Boy can be used to transport truss. Whereas the Teckel combinations can be adjusted to the user?s needs, the Strong Boy is known for its rubber studs which create optimal friction for your truss. Both are suited for 30 and 40 truss. But no worries, they haven?t forgotten about base plates! The base plate carts are available in different sizes and can be used to transport 4 to 6 base plates. To ensure that small parts, such as filter frames and tools, don?t get lost, Admiral developed storage carts. And last but not least, they have designed meatracks for small and large lighting technology such as moving heads, lighting bars and single luminaires. These are available in different heights and lengths.