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You want to illuminate your event perfectly? Bathe your location in colourful lights? Then have a look at our best-selling moving heads, spotlights and lasers. All of these devices guarantee a great price-performance ratio.

The precise pixel control of the LEDs and a broad range of colours available (from RGB to RGBWA+UV) make it possible to both create many different colour combinations as well as intricate visual patterns.

Whether fastened to truss or placed on the floor, our moving heads can light up the whole room by rotating on a 360° angle. While spotlights offer the same possibilities of placement they aren?t quite as flexible as moving heads. They, for example, can only change their beam angle and not rotate. On some devices this, however, gives you some leeway of up to 40° and therefore enables you to create interesting lighting effects, such as spot- or washlights. Both types can be controlled via a DMX connection, be put into the master/slave mode or be synchronised to the music. 

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