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Here you can find our most popular speakers, mixers, controllers, microphones and cases. Whether you want to organise a concert, DJ-Event or a private function, here you will find the supplies most commonly used for sound engineering.

You can choose between active (amplifier included) and passive (amplifier excluded) high performance speakers. Produced by the companies HK Audio, Nova and Alto they provide perfect sound quality!

Our microphones can be used for up to 120 hours while running on one set of batteries. Characterised by their clear and true to the original sound they find use at the studio, during live reports and other kinds of live recording. 

 Mixers equipped with an inbuilt controller and jogwheels are best suited for successful DJ-events. Simpler mixers, e.g. by the company Yamaha, on the other hands are mostly used for live-performances by bands.

As you can see, there is nothing holding you back from putting on a successful event. So order your sound equipment now!