Theater Lighting

Theater Lighting

The theatre offers many people the chance to get away from the struggles of daily life and immerse themselves into the story enacted on stage. The desired effect however can only be achieved when not only the acting but also the lighting is on point. Spotlights, especially designed for the theatre, emphasize the happenings on stage, a character?s mood or a scene?s atmosphere.

There are 4 different types of spotlights. The PC-lens headlight creates a clear and sharp beam and is therefore similar to a spotlight. Because they don?t produce any scattered light they can be installed at a bigger distance to the stage.

Similar to the aforementioned spotlight is the profile spotlight. Both of their beams look quite similar. A big difference is however to be found in the versatility of this spotlight?s beam, for its clarity and size can be adjusted. This one too produces very little scattered light and can be used over large distances. Another advantage is the possibility of using gobos.

The most commonly used spotlight is the Fresnel spotlight. Its beam has softer edges and is able to illuminate a bigger area of the stage. The only problem with it is that it creates large amounts of scattered light and it therefore has to be placed quite close to the stage.

Finally there are the floodlights. Their main task is to light up large parts of the stage. They don?t create a focused but blurred light.

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