When you think of transparent tape, the name Tesafilm pops up immediately. Tesa is one of the only companies whose brand name has firmly established itself in the German language. You can even find their name in the Duden, a famous German dictionary. Usually, however, we aren’t aware of how often we really need tape in our daily lives.

Tesla has therefore set itself the goal of creating self-adhesive tape for industrial, trade and home use. Here they put emphasis on research and innovation to ensure a constant growth and the ability to compete in global markets. The following three steps are necessary to achieve the aforementioned goals: component development, product development and process development.

Not only innovation but also sustainability is very important to Tesa. For this reason the company developed a carefully thought out environmental programme. With this they endeavour to improve the efficiency of their production process and lower emissions.

For all of the above reasons you can find a wide variety of Tesa’s gaffa tape, plastic-coated tape and highlight tape in our shop. They are a necessity for all event technicians to take with them on the job.