Gravity VARI-G 3 - Guitar Rack for 3 Instruments

  • Straightforward, rock solid construction
  • Folds up flat for transport and storage
  • Adjustable yokes with rubber padding
  • Foam-covered body supports
  • For all acoustic, electric and bass guitars
Item no.: ADHGGSMG03

Gravity MS 231 HB - Microphone Stand with Round Base and One-Hand Clutch

  • Gerades Mikrofonstativ mit schwerem Tellerfuss
  • Bequeme und schnelle Höhenverstellung mit nur 1 Hand
  • Langlebige robuste Konstruktion
  • Max. Höhe 175 cm, min. Höhe 108 cm
Item no.: ADHGMS231HB

Gravity Solo-G Universal - A-Frame Universal Guitar Stand

  • Stabile, standfeste Konstruktion
  • Weiche Korpusstütze aus Gummi und TPU-Korpusauflagen
  • Zwei Aufstellwinkel
  • Flach zusammenklappbar
Item no.: ADHGGSA01U
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Microphone stands are an integral part of the classical atmosphere at a concert. And who doesn?t know this moment when it becomes part of a singer?s choreography and he eventually knocks it over. But these mic stands aren?t only meant to be somewhat of a special effect. Their main task is to enable the artist to play an instrument while singing. Stands with a round or tripod base are most commonly used in concerts and for studio recordings. We also offer a wide range of boom arms and ceiling stands.

Mixer stands are easy to assemble and disassemble. They therefore provide easy use of mixers at different event locations. It is also possible to mount other PA devices (e.g. amplifiers, crossovers) onto the rack. Another advantage is their flexibility. Besides mixers their also suited to carry keyboards.

Stands for speakers are often necessary to ensure a perfect sound quality at your event. You achieve better acoustic when the speakers are at the same height of the heads of your audience. Distance rods on the other hand make it possible to use speakers and subwoofers together. 

We also offer other kind of additional equipment at our shop.