Stages Platform Accessories

Crank Hebel Schraube für Vario Fuß

Item no.: GN603-78-M10-25-DOR

Prolyte-Bühnenpodest Podestverbinder

Item no.: SM-ACC-CON-02

Prolyte StageDex Fuß zu Fuß Klammer

  • Klemme für die Verbindung von zwei Standbeinen
Item no.: SM-ACC-CLP-01

Prolyte StageDex Fuß zu Fuß Klammer für 4 Bühnenfüße

  • Klemme für die Verbindung von vier Standbeinen
Item no.: SM-ACC-CLP-02

Prolyte-Modular stair to deck connector

Item no.: SM-STAIR-CON-01

Prolyte StageDex Bühnenfuß zu Bühnenpodest Adapter

Item no.: SM-ACC-CON-09

Prolyte StageDex Bühnenpodest Leveler

Item no.: SM-ACC-CON-01

Prolyte StageDex Profil Podestverbinder 15 cm

Item no.: SM-ACC-CON-03

Prolyte StageDex Profil Podestverbinder 185 cm

Item no.: SM-ACC-CON-07

Prolyte StageDex Profil Podestverbinder 85 cm

Item no.: SM-ACC-CON-05

Kopie von Prolyte StageDex Profil Podestverbinder 85 cm

Item no.: SM-RP-BE2

Prolyte-Bühnenpodest Podestverbinder

  • Bodenelemente können mit dieser Klemme zusätzlich untereiander verbunden werden
Item no.: SM-ACC-CLP-06
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Stages Platform Accessories

To assemble a stage you don?t only need decks and stage legs, it is also of utmost importance to properly secure the individual elements. This is where deck to deck connectors, deck to deck clamps and leg clamps come in. They prevent the individual decks from moving too much. To ensure that they are all level you should use deck levellers.

To guarantee their safety during transportation, Prolyte has designed dolleys. They are available in different sizes and are suitable for big and small event locations as well as theatres and hotels.