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Stages Feet

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Stages Feet

In combination with excellent stage decks you should use high quality legs. Prolyte, of course, is up to the challenge and has developed three different types.

The first and simplest are the standard legs. These low-tech models can be fitted to the decks easily and guarantee perfect stability. They are available in the sizes 20cm-100cm.

The adjustable legs on the other hand can adjust well to different types of terrain and therefore offer an even better stability. Their feet are able to bend up to an angle of 5°. They, as well, are produced in the sizes 20cm-100cm.

Last but not least there are the telescope legs. They combine adjustable heights with high durability. By rotating the handles, the upper part lifts up. Fitted to it is a tape measure with which you can determine the exact height of the leg. They are available from 45cms-60cms, 60cms-90cms and 90cms-140cms.

The legs can be fitted to all Prolyte decks by the simple switch of a lever which is situated on the underside of the deck. This gives the additional advantage of not having to use any kind of special tools.