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Stage transport

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Admiral StageDex dolly basic assembled

608,51 € *
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Admiral StageDex dolly basic für 1 meter Podeste

592,68 € *
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StageDex transporter PRO

907,52 € *
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Stage Deck Transport

Transporting stage decks can be a very difficult feat. The individual platforms are usually 1m x 1m or 2m x 1m big and weigh a few kilos. For this reason, Admiral has developed stage deck dollies which guarantee an ergonomic handling at competitive prices. The heavy decks can be put onto the dollies at an angle and can then be tilted until they are perfectly vertical. This prevents unnecessary pressure being placed on your back. They all come equipped with 4 castors with brakes to make the transport as safe as possible. Each deck can be attached to the side of the wagon with a bolt and should further be secured with a strap.

Next to Admiral?s normal Stage Deck Dolly there is also the Stage Deck Transporter Pro. It is the only one of its kind which can slide under 40cm high stages and be stored there. This makes assembly and dismantling exceptionally easy.

All of these dollies can transport up to 6 stage decks by the companies Prolyte, Sixty82 and Bütec.