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Stage Platform Railing

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Prolyte Stagedex Railing Treppengeländer

91,76 € *
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Prolyte Railing 30kg/m, adjustable 140-210cm

194,99 € *
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Prolyte Stagedex Sicherungs-Railing Adapter 26mm

29,99 € *
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Prolyte Stagedex SM-RAIL-L200 Sicherungs-Railing, 200cm

95,01 € *
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Prolyte Stagedex SM-RAIL-L200 Sicherungs-Railing, 200cm Demo

78,48 € *
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Prolyte Stagedex-Railing Verbinder

11,78 € *
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Prolyte Stagedex-Spigot Sicherungs-Railing 26mm

24,72 € *
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Prolyte Stagedex SM-RAIL-L100 Sicherungs-Railing, 100cm

75,39 € *
Not available now!

Stage Platform Railing

In order to secure both the edges of stages and stands you should use railings. 

For this Prolyte offers the EasyRails. Depending on their field of application they are available as 30-60kg/m light duty and 100-200kg/m heavy duty railings. The former comes with a fixed (1m or 2m) or adjustable length. It can, however, only be used on stages and areas with no public access. The 100kg/m models are only available as 1-2m pieces. They can be used in areas with public access.

It is of utmost importance to take into consideration which decks have been used in the construction of the stage. For only Prolyte?s TopLine is able to carry the heavier railings. To connect the rails to the decks spigots have to be used.

Last but not least you can also find different types of railings for stairs in our range of products.