Spotlight Housing

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Spotlight Housing

The music is playing, the crowd is moving to the rhythm and the room is bathed in multi-coloured light. Lighting effects are sure to create the right atmosphere for your party. This explains why spotlights are available in many different shapes and colours. It is also important to know that they can be differentiated into two categories: the traditional PAR spotlights and their LED equivalents.

The PAR spotlights are again separated into groups of PAR 16 to PAR 64. The PAR 36, PAR 56 and PAR 64 variants are most commonly used in professional event design. These devices have to be equipped with light bulbs. These come in the sizes narrow, medium and flood which influence the shape of the beam greatly. Colour and lighting effects however can only be made possible by adding an external filter (available at ?Accessories?). They can be fastened to truss via a handle or be placed on the floor via a floor stand.

The newer LED PAR spotlights are more versatile in their use. The individual LEDs can be regulated through pixel control. The user has therefore control over colour and beam effects. These spotlight pixels are available as tri- or quad-coloured (RGB or RGBW). Some of the newer devices also have the option of using zoom. A DMX connection connects most of them to a controller. It is however also possible to put them into the Master/Slave mode or synchronise them to the rhythm of the music.

Further LED effect machines are blinders, strobes, persecutors and flood lights. They create impressive special effects and are commonly used in clubs or during stage shows.