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Speaker and Systems


Speaker and Systems

What is one of the most important aspects of a concert? The sound of course! If the audience in the back rows isn?t able to make out the music clearly, the concert is going to be a flop. In order to prevent this, we offer you high-quality speakers and systems.

Available as individual devices or complete sets you are sure to find whatever it is that you need. The popular active speakers have the advantage of an inbuilt amplifier which provides easy and precise handling of the chassis. A cheaper alternative, however, are the passive speaker. Here the amplifier is not integrated and needs to be purchased separately.

Our monitors provide the musicians on stage with the right acoustic in order to make them understand their own music clearly. This leads to better coordination between the individual artists.

To intensify the effects of the bass you should use a subwoofer. It amplifies the low frequencies which are below the normal frequency range of a speaker. Passive Subwoofers are often used in clubs and active ones in home cinemas.

We also offer line arrays, installation speakers, cases and other types of additional equipment.