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Showtec Vintage Blaze '55 | HPL | RGB LED

19.09.2017 10:04

Retro Lamp with HPL + RGB LED

The long wait is over, for the release date of the Vintage Blaze ´55 has finally been announced! At the end of October you are finally able to purchase this extraordinary device. And that for a bargain price!

Showtec Vintage Blaze '55

Originally released by Robe as the PATT 2013, the floodlight was a huge success. Its high price however meant that it was beyond the possible means of smaller productions. This is why Showtec aspired to develop a more inexpensive version. And with this they did not only meet the expectations, no they even exceeded them. An integrated circle of RGB-LEDs complements the shining gold tungsten light bulbs.

Their vintage design makes them perfect live-shows, in the theatre or on television. They give of a 50s feel but are equipped with the newest technology. The pixel control of the individual LEDs means that you can set colourful accents which create an amazing ambience, and bathe the band, artist or actor in an atmospheric light. There are also no limits to the placement options for it can be used as an overhead light fixture or be placed on a tripod.

Showtec Vintage Blaze '55

The light can be put into the DMX-mode (1-8 channels), stand-alone mode or be daisy chained.

When it comes to special effects, it’s the Vintage Blaze ´55’s moment to shine. From a blaze background effect, strobe function, colour macros to the blinding effect everything’s possible. Impressive colour changes can be achieved by different dimmer curves (linear, S-curve, square, I-square).

So don’t wait too long and pre-order the device in order for it to reach you by the end of October.