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Showtec Galactic Polar MKII DMX

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A truly unique effect, the Galactic Polar. It projects a genuine aurora or so called northern light to your ceiling or wall. By its built in red and green laser the colour of the light can also change or have multiple colours. The Polar is now equipped giving you total control of this astonishing effect. A truly unique and great projector to create a special effect in every venue. ? Polar light simulation ? DMX Control ? Blue LED with effect wheel ? Music Control Specifications Power Supply: AC-100-240V, 50/60Hz Power consumption: 15 Watt Laser Color: Red, Green Laser Power: Red 150mW, Green 40mW LED Power: 5W Blue LED Laser Modulation: TTL Modulation Scan Speed: Motor Scan Angle: < 100 degrees control modes: auto, music, dmx, master/slave, manual control display: led display dmx channels: 6 (mode, red laser, green laser, rolling effect, led brightness, led strobe) control connections: 3 pole xlr safety features: keyswitch dimensions: 176 x 220 x 86mm weight: 1,6kg laser class: 3b laser safety standard: en-60825-1 2007 100="" degrees="" control="" modes:="" auto,="" music,="" dmx,="" master/slave,="" manual="" control="" display:="" led="" display="" dmx="" channels:="" 6="" (mode,="" red="" laser,="" green="" laser,="" rolling="" effect,="" led="" brightness,="" led="" strobe)="" control="" connections:="" 3="" pole="" xlr="" safety="" features:="" keyswitch="" dimensions:="" 176="" x="" 220="" x="" 86mm="" weight:="" 1,6kg="" laser="" class:="" 3b="" laser="" safety="" standard:="" en-60825-1="">

Hersteller: Showtec

Projektor zur Simulation von Polarlicht mit DMX


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