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Showtec FX Drop for Backdrop

31.07.2017 13:56

Showtec FX Drop

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The Showtec FX Drop is a modern backdrop system which can be used for curtains, gauze, molleton and other fabrics. Whether theatre or stage show, the FX Drop is suitable for various types of events. It enables you to produce spectacular presentations which are sure to awe your audience.

A curtain (equipped with eyelets) can be secured to the device via a pin. Once connected to an electric current of 230V the pin releases and the curtain drops. Easy handling and a synchronisation to the music can therefore be guaranteed!

It possesses a load capacity of up to 20kg. A PowerCon in and output make it easy to daisychain multiple FX Drops and hence control curtains of various sizes.

An impressive unveiling is guaranteed!