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Red, gold, orange, pink or blue; our confetti shooters are available in not only these but also many other colours. Whether you are looking for traditional confetti, streamers or even heart-shaped ones, you can find all of these in our shop.

We offer handheld shooters which provide easy but effective handling at birthday parties or other smaller events. They are available in the sizes 28cm, 50cm and 80cm. Thanks to being equipped with a nitrogen cartridge at the bottom of the shooter, a simple turn to the left will ignite them. Soon after, the air will be filled with thousands of colourful confetti snippets.

Should you want to avoid using it by hand, have a look at our electric shooter. They are placed in a launching platform and can be remote controlled. They come in the sizes 50cm and 80cm and cover a radius of up to 12m.

Our confetti conforms to the newest safety regulations and is made of flame-resistant materials.