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Shooter/ electric Shooter

What turns a good party into a great one? What makes the fun factor double? The solution is our wide range of confetti shooters! What is commonly known from early childhood birthday parties, we take a step further. Put into the form of shooters it is even easier to use confetti in a truly spectacular way. 

Our handheld shooters don?t need any kind of additional equipment thanks to an inbuilt nitrogen cartridge. They enable you to create a truly special atmosphere even at smaller or private events.

Our launching platforms are perfect for giving parties a more professional touch. Available as both cannons and FX guns they require electric shooters especially designed for their use. Depending on a shooter?s size and quantity of confetti used, they can cover a distance up to 12m. This kind of special effect is mainly used in clubs or at big events such as concerts and other types of stage shows. Once it has been ejected it will bathe the crowd in a sparkling rain of confetti.

To make shopping easier for you we offer sets with up to 10 confetti shooters, sometimes in addition to a suitable cannon. In our shop you can also buy any additional equipment you might need, such as a clamp to secure electric cannons.