Sennheiser prices itself for its curiosity, passion and innovative spirit. This family-owned business opened in 1945 and specialises in the production of headphones and headsets, microphones and wireless systems as well as meeting and conference solutions. Their many years of experience in the area of sound equipment enable them to continuously reinvent their audio devices and to drive the progressive digitalisation of the audio world.

Thanks to their excellent production and design team, Sennheiser is able to come up with new and innovative products every year. For this innovative spirit they have received various awards such as the Academy Award for Technical Achievements, a Grammy Award and an Emmy Award. This amount of recognition is just another indicator for the high quality of their products.

Worldwide, artist such as Pink, Seal, Katy Perry, Beyoncé and Celion Dion rely on Sennheiser. Their professional sound systems can also be found on the New York Broadway and the Abbey-Road-Studios in London.