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Have you planned an outdoor event? Then you should be prepared for both strong sunshine and light rain. To give guests a place of shelter, you should consider using sun rails. But due to their interesting shapes this isn?t where their usability stops. You can also find them on stages, in bars or at clubs, where they are used as decorations.

The traditional sail types are the 3- and 4-point models. In our big range of different sizes you are sure the find the exact one you need. If you are, however, a couple of centimetres short, not a problem. Thanks to the material?s high elasticity, the stated sizes can be exceeded. All products by Showtec are flame-retardant and comply with the newest safety standards (DIN 4102-B1).

They are able to create an elegant ambience at day and at night (illuminated e.g. by LED spotlights or torches).