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Round Slings, Slips and Steels

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Round Slings, Slips and Steels

In the event design industry it is often necessary to move objects which have a high weight. It however becomes clear very fast that this can?t be accomplished by manpower alone. For this reason, round slings, slips and steels have been developed.

The round slings are made of a yarn core and are covered in a thick layer of polyester fibres. They have an effective length of 0,5m-6m. The colour of the lining tell you with which loads exactly you are allowed to work with: purple ? 1,2t; green ? 2,2t; yellow ? 3,2t. All slings comply with the Euronorm 1492-2 PES.

The steels have a similar function as the round slings. The most important difference, however, is the steel?s steel core. With it they can carry weights up to 2t. They, too, have an effective length of 0,5m-6m.

We sell high-quality products by the company Safetex. These are characterised by being ?Made in Germany? and by having a unique label protection. It keeps the label from being damaged or even lost. This is of utmost importance for if it ever happens you are no longer allowed to use the sling.