Most musicians have probably heard of the name Roland before. The Japanese company which is based in Hamamatsu and was founded in 1972 is responsible for starting the synthesizer-mania of the ‘90s. Many of the synthesizers and drum machines, which they produced in the ‘80s, were rediscovered by techno and house musicians a few years later. This granted Roland worldwide fame. Even today their digital synthesizer D-50 is so popular that for the company’s 30th anniversary they reintroduced it as the Boutique D-05. 

Today, they specialise in electronic musical instruments, digital recording equipment, amplifiers and mixers. In line with their motto “Be the BEST rather than the BIGGEST” their values are: innovation, tradition, creativity, quality and service. It is their goal to develop devices with the highest degree of usability and durability.

Thanks to their wide range of products, amateurs and professionals, music fans and creative people can follow their passion and create extraordinary sound.