RG- / RB- / RGY-Laser


  • Show laser light effect bar, laser class 2M
Item no.: 51741090

Showtec Galactic RBP-180 - 180mW Red Blue Purple Laser

  • IR remote control included
  • 32 Patterns and built-in shows
  • 180mW Red, Blue and Purple colors
  • Master / Slave possibility with other value line units
Item no.: 51337

Laserworld GS-70RG move

  • helle rote & grüne Laserquellen
  • rotierende Laserstrahlen
  • hunderte feiner Lichtpunkte
  • wasserfestes Aluminium-Gehäuse IP67
  • inkl. Aluminium-Erdspieß zur einfachen Montage
  • wartungsfrei
Item no.: 7640144999735

Showtec Bluestar MKII DMX -

  • Nightsky simulation
  • DMX Control
  • Blue LED with effect wheel
  • Music Control
Item no.: 51317

Laserworld EL-350RG

  • Garantierte Leistung: 230mW
  • Leistung Rot: 150mW / 650nm
  • Leistung Grün: 80mW / 532nm
  • Strahlparameter: ca. 3mm / 1.5mrad
  • Laserquellen: Diode, DPSS Laser
  • Laserklasse: 3B
Item no.: 7640144991166

Showtec Galactic GBC-120

120mW Green Blue Cyan Laser
Item no.: 51336

Showtec Galactic Polar MKII DMX

A truly unique effect, the Galactic Polar. It projects a genuine aurora or so called northern light to your ceiling or wall. By its built in red and green laser the colour of the light can also change or have multiple colours. The Polar is now equipped giving you total control of this astonishing effect. A truly unique and great projector to create a special effect in every venue.
Item no.: 51318
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