Pipe and Drape System

Showtec T-Bar 60cm - Black

  • Black
Item no.: 89391

Showtec Rope for bollard - Red

  • Red
Item no.: 89516R

Showtec 4 Point Connector -

You can rent and buy all sorts of Pipes & Drapes systems, but there is no system as versatile and easy to use as Showtec Pipes & Drapes (by WENTEX). The Showtec Pipe and Drape are developed by WENTEX, a leading manufacturer of innovative textile solutions. As a result of pure innovations, our Pipes & Drapes system is far easier to move around than any other system in the market. It is also very decorative.
All that makes it the no. 1 choice for for theatres, events, business premises, exhibitions and many more.
Revolutionary 4-way connector system
If you have used a Pipes & Drapes system before, you probably know what the shortcomings are: for example, telescopic drape support that detach, irregular hanging curtains or clumsy mounting.
The revolutionary and patented 4-way connector with its autolock system makes these occurrences a thing of the past. This system guarantees solid connections of uprights and drape supports while they can still be adjusted to every conceivable direction. Showtec Pipes & Drapes goes ever further. Another advantage is that the four openings of the connectors have a universal size of 16 mm. That gives you room for mounting a camera, speaker or lamp. Using an adapter, you can also link the Showtec 4-way connector seamlessly to all Pipes & Drapes systems with round uprights.

Additional advantages
You will discover additional advantages when you use Showtec Pipes & Drapes. Our telescopic uprights made of reinforced aluminum can be assembled up to 6 meters without the need for ladders, and their locking heads guarantee an easy and robust connection. In addition, our baseplates with rounded-off corners are reinforced to bear extra weight.
The reinforced drape supports can bear a weight of 25 kg and they can be adjusted to up to 3 meters in length. The Velcro system guarantees that the curtains are hanging even and straight.

Item no.: 89390

Showtec 4-way connector replacement - 35 (dia)mm White

  • 35 (dia)mm, White
Item no.: 89549

Showtec 4-way connector replacement - 457 (dia)mm Black

  • 45,7 (dia)mm, Black
Item no.: 89551

Showtec 4-way connector replacement - 457 (dia)mm White

  • 45,7 (dia)mm, White
Item no.: 89550

Showtec 4-way connector replacement - 508 (dia)mm White

  • 50,8 (dia)mm, White
Item no.: 89547

Showtec 4-way connector replacement - 35 (dia)mm Black

  • 35 (dia)mm, Black
Item no.: 89543

Showtec 4-way connector replacement - 508 (dia)mm Black

  • 50,8 (dia)mm, Black
Item no.: 89540

Showtec Angled bracket for 4-way connector - Black (powder coated)

  • Black (powder coated)
Item no.: 89512

Showtec Angled bracket with 4-way con. - & 50mm half coupler

  • & 50mm half coupler
Item no.: 89514

Showtec Bag - Soft nylon - 150(l) x 16(w) x 35(h)cm Black max load 25Kg

  • 150(l) x 16(w) x 35(h)cm, Black, max load 25Kg
Item no.: 89392

Showtec Bag - Soft nylon - 210(l) x 16(w) x 35(h)cm Black max load 25Kg

  • 210(l) x 16(w) x 35(h)cm, Black, max load 25Kg
Item no.: 89394

Showtec Bag - Soft nylon - 250(l) x 16(w) x 35(h)cm Black max load 25Kg

  • 250(l) x 16(w) x 35(h)cm, Black, max load 25Kg
Item no.: 89395

Showtec Baseplate - 350(l) x 300(w)mm - 4Kg Black (powder coated)

  • 350(l) x 300(w)mm - 4Kg, Black (powder coated)
Item no.: 89300
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Pipe and Drape System

The pipe and drape system by Wentex makes it easier than ever before to hang up curtains. It consists of two baseplates, adjustable uprights, telescopic drape supports, a 4-way connector and various adapters.

The baseplate is available in 3 different sizes and weights. You should choose the suitable baseplate for you construction according to the heaviness of the curtain. The adjustable uprights too, come in different lengths. They can be extended up to 6m into the air with a flick of the wrist. The same principle applies to telescopic drape supports. All of these components are available in black and white.

In this category you will also find our large range of curtains. Variable in size, material and colour they are all flame-retardant and conform to the German DIN 4102-B1.

They are the perfect solution for theatres, office spaces, exhibitions and other kinds of events.