Just as the name suggests, Pioneer DJ specialises in the production of DJ equipment. The company was founded in Kawasaki, Japan in 2014 and has now moved its offices to Yokohama. Following their vision “To be a leader in making life richer through music technology” they design products which inspire DJs and allow them to fully use their creativity. Their mixers and controllers are so successful because they are able to withstand the demanding conditions in a club or on a festival.

Their product range includes DJ players, mixers, controllers and record players. When it comes to professional audio equipment they offer monitor speakers, remix stations, headphones and active PA speakers. Here you are sure to find amazing quality at amazing prices, for amateurs and pros alike.

Pioneer DJ has also created the platform KUVO. This is a dance music social network which connects music fans with DJs and clubs all over the world. Through the website/app, dance music lovers can see which DJs are playing in which clubs and they can even receive live set-information.