Sennheiser XSW 2-835-E

  • Vocal-Set mit je 1x EM XSW 2
  • SKM 835 XSW (dynamisch
  • Niere)
  • NT 12-5 CW
  • 821-832 MHz
Item no.: 507147

LD Systems CURV 500 TS - Kompaktes Touring Array System

  • Leicht transportierbares Touring-Array-System
  • 1.000 Watt RMS Gesamtleistung und 131 dB max. SPL
  • WaveAhead®-Technologie für höchste Audio-Qualität
  • Flexible Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten für Nah- und Fernfeldanwendungen
Item no.: ADHLDCURV500TS

LD Systems DAVE 8 XS - Kompaktes PA-System aktiv

The DAVE8XS is a portable and compact 2.1 multimedia system. It is equipped of a powerful 8â?? Bandpass subwoofer and 2 x 4â?? + 1â?? silk dome satellites.

It delivers a crystal clear sound and was designed for all kinds of multimedia applications such as home recording, AV applications, DJ & Keyboard monitoring, PA for small sized public facilities (such as bars/pubs) etc. The class A/B amplification module integrated in the subwoofer delivers a high output and powers both sub and satellites. The LD DAVE 8XS features XLR and RCA Phono Line inputs, as well as all common protective circuits. The integrated limiter keeps your system safe from an overload and will guarantee a long operational life. On the side of the sub you will find an on/off switch, an 180° phase reverse and a separate subwoofer volume knob allowing you to find the perfect sound balance between crystal clear high tones, punchy mids and powerful bass.

From serial no. 130818000001 the satellite loudspeakers feature a 16 mm poole-mount flange for compatibility with the LDDAVE8SET2 loudspeaker stands.


  • Model name: LDDAVE8XS
  • Type:
    • Subwoofer: Band Pass
    • Satellites: Sealed
  • Components:
    • Subwoofer: 1 x 8" Custom Made
    • Satellites:
      • LF: 2 x 4" Custom Made
      • HF: 1" Custom Made
    • Amplification: Class A / B
  • Dispersion: 60° x 60°
  • Power Output (RMS): 350 W
  • Power Output (Peak): 1400 W
  • Frequency Range: 45 Hz - 19 kHz
  • SPL (1 W / 1 m): 96 dB
  • Max SPL: 117 db
  • Protection: Short circuit, Over-current, Limiter
  • Controls: Volume, Sub Level, 180 ° Phase Reverse, On / Off Switch
  • Indicators: Power
  • Connectors:
    • Subwoofer:
      • Input: Line: XLR, RCA
      • Output: Speakon compatible: Powered output for passive Satellites
    • Satellites:
      • Input: Speakon compatible
  • Cooling system: Heatsink
  • Power supply: Transformer
  • Cabinet Material:
    • Subwoofer: 15 mm MDF
    • Satellites: 12 mm MDF
  • Cabinet Surface: Painting
  • Dimensions (W x H x D):
    • Subwoofer: 352 x 430 x 434 mm
    • Satellites: 144 x 350 x 170 mm


LD Systems MAUI 5 GO W Ultra portables batteriebetriebenes Säulen PA System weiß DEMO

  • 30 hours batterie power
  • Bluetooth® Stereo-Audio-Streaming
  • Sporting all-in-one convenience
  • 800 watts peak output
  • 13 kg,  ultra-portable
  • multiband limiter, equalizer, compressor and crossover functions

LD Systems U308 HHD - Funksystem mit Handmikrofon dynamisch

  • Diversity UHF wireless system with FM technology
  • 12 selectable channels
  • 100 m transmission range in ideal conditions
  • Simultaneous operation of up to 6 systems
    Item no.: ADHLDU308HHD

    Sennheiser e 845

    Item no.: 004515

    Sennheiser XSW 1-835-E

    • Up to 10 hours operating time
    • Up to 960 frequencies
    • Frequency range 80 - 16,000 Hz
    • Output XLR and jack
    Item no.: 507119

    LD Systems DAVE 10 G3 - Kompaktes 10' PA System aktiv

    • kompaktes aktives PA-System
    • Bassreflex-Subwoofer
    • Abstrahlwinkel 70 x 70 °
    • Schwarz
    Item no.: ADHLDDAVE10G3

    LD Systems MAUI 5 GO - Ultra portables batteriebetriebenes Säulen PA System

    • 30 hours batterie power
    • Bluetooth® Stereo-Audio-Streaming
    • Sporting all-in-one convenience
    • 800 watts peak output
    • 13 kg,  ultra-portable
    • multiband limiter, equalizer, compressor and crossover functions
    Item no.: ADHLDMAUI5GO

    LD Systems Play 15 A - 15' PA Lautsprecher aktiv mit MP3 Player

    LD Systems PLAY 15 A - the active speaker with MP3 player

    The active loudspeakers LDPLAY12A and LDPLAY15A with integrated USB/SD-Card-Player and illuminated display offer comprehensive connectivity and setting possibilities for many types of applications like school, kindergarten, church, sports field, multimedia presentation, party room and so on. It is a very versatile and affordable sound system.

    The USB/SD-Card-Player can be operated directly or by using the supplied infrared remote control from the front or from the rear side of the speaker. Simply plug in your USB-stick or SD-card and let the music play! Connectivity for external sound sources like microphone, CD-player, mixing board is also integrated like a 5-band equalizer that offers a various kind of sound settings. Ergonomic handles and a 35 mm standard stand support complete these great features.

    Item no.: ADHLDPLAY15A

    LD Systems Roadboy 65 HS - Mobiler PA Lautsprecher mit Headset

    The compact, flexible sound system for small events, conferences, multimedia applications, podium discussions, schools, churches, etc.

    The ultra-compact battery-powered combo amplifier, measuring 30 cm x 22 cm and weighting only 5 kg, provides an impressive sound pressure level of 110 dB max. Despite its small format, this mobile all-in-one speaker box provides great audibility and is equipped with unique features.

    Standard Features :
    • CD/MP3 player with remote control, USB/SD connection and volume control
    • 1 x UHF PLL 16CHN wireless unit with belt pack and headset microphone (optional additional wireless unit available LDRM102R)
    • 1 x MIC in / AUX in /AUX out
    • 2 band equalisation
    • Voice priority (talkover) function
    • DC in (12-15 V 4A)
    • 100 - 240 V AC switching power supply
    • Rechargeable battery type 12 V / 2.9 AH (up to 5 hours lifetime)
    • External output for passive speaker slave
    • Built in 100 W Peak amplifier
    • 6,5'' high power broadband loudspeaker
    Optional :
    • ST-40 speaker stand
    • SB-21 transport bag
    • RoadBoy 6.5 passive speaker slave (LDRB65SP)
    Item no.: ADHLDRB65HS

    LD Systems Roadjack 8 - Batteriegespeister Bluetooth-Lautsprecher mit Mixer

    LDRJ8 Battery Powered Bluetooth Loudspeaker with Mixer  

    The Road Jack Series 8" active 2-way system takes your sounds anywhere. With built-in wheels and extension handles for carting convenience the LDRJ8 features a 90 Hz - 18 kHz frequency range and 100 watts peak output. A rechargeable battery pack provides up to 20 hours of continuous operation.

    The integrated mixer sports 3 channels with individual volume controls, a 2-band EQ plus adjustable reverb and master volume. Combo, 6.3 mm TRS jack, RCA and 3.5 mm TRS mini-jack connectors allow for a wide variety of input sources.

    The LDRJ8's major feature is a built-in Bluetooth player which permits wireless streaming to the system. It also supports SD card and USB storage devices. The player menu includes language selection and multiple genre specific presets for instant EQ adjustment.

    The LDRJ8 comes with a handy IR remote control and convenient stand mount insert.

    • Type: active
    • Woofer Size: 8"
    • Woofer Size: 203.2 mm
    • Woofer Magnet: ferrite
    • Woofer Brand: custom made
    • HF driver size:     3" (wide range)
    • HF driver size: 76.2 mm
    • HF driver magnet: ferrite
    • HF driver brand: custom made
    • Amplifier: class D
    • Power Output (RMS): 25 W
    • Power Output (Peak): 100 W
    • Frequency Response: 90 - 18.000 Hz
    • SPL (1 W/1 m): 94 dB
    • Max SPL: 113 dB
    • Protection: Short circuit, overvoltage, overload protection
    • Controls: Mic 1 Level, Mic 2 Level, CD / Tape IN Level, Low, High, Reverb, Master Volume, AUX / MP3 switch
    • Indicators: Power, charge/battery status

    Media player

    • Supported media: Bluetooth, USB stick, SD card
    • Supported formats: MP3 file, WAV-CD, WMA-CD
    • Media player controls: Mode (Menu / Bluetooth /SD / USB) , Play / Pause, Stop, Repeat, Previous Track, Next Track)
    • Media player display elements: Lighted multifunctional LC display
    • Line Inputs: 1
    • Line Input Connectors: 2 x cinch, 3.5 mm jack
    • Mic Inputs: 2
    • Mic Input Connectors: XLR, 6.3 mm jack
    • Power Supply: switching power supply
    • Operating Voltage: 100 V - 120 V / 60 Hz, 220 V - 240 V / 50 Hz
    • rechargeable batteries: 12 V / 5 Ah
    • Cabinet Material: 15 mm MDF
    • Cabinet Type: bass reflex
    • Width: 385 mm
    • Height: 450 mm
    • Depth: 298 mm
    • Other Features: Stand mount 36 mm, transport castors, pull-out handle, carrying handle, IR Remote for Media Player

    Item no.: ADHLDRJ8

    Sennheiser ew 100 G4-945-S-1G8

    • Set mit je 1x: EM 100
    • SKM 100
    • Mute-Taste
    • MMD 945 (Superniere)
    • Frequenzbereich: 1785 - 1800 MHz
    Item no.: 507576

    Sennheiser XSW 1-825-A

    • Up to 10 hours operating time
    • Up to 960 frequencies
    • Frequency range 80 - 16,000 Hz
    • Output XLR and jack
    Item no.: 507108

    Sennheiser XSW 1-825-B

    • Up to 10 hours operating time
    • Up to 960 frequencies
    • Frequency range 80 - 16,000 Hz
    • Output XLR and jack
    Item no.: 507109
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    PA is a very important part of event design and deals with processing and playing music. Whether used as quiet background noise during a wedding or the main attraction of a stage show, music is able to establish different atmospheres and evoke feelings. 

    Speakers contribute to having a successful event or not. Having bad sound quality means that the audience won?t be able to fully appreciate the produced music. We therefore offer you a big range of high quality sound reinforcement systems, controllers and amplifiers. Available are both single speakers (active or passive) as well as whole sets.

    In order to give an outstanding DJ performance you should use one of our analogue or digital mixers. Mixers such as console-, rack- and power-mixers in combination with our speakers guarantee that your event is going to be a hit.

    Another part of PA is microphones. Different types of microphones are used in different fields of event design. Handheld microphones, for example, are best suited for singers and presenters. If, instead, you are searching for something that will give your stage performers the ability to move freely, take a look at our lavalier microphones.  

    We also offer conference and communication technology. Whether you want to prepare your event via holding a conference or stay in contact with your crew on the day of the event, we provide the necessary technology.

    Also available at our shop is complementary equipment such as audio tools, tripods, plugs and cases.   

    If you have any further questions don?t hesitate to contact us!