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Moving Lights

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 Moving Lights

In order to offer your costumers a truly exceptional show or to give your venue this special touch - Moving Lights are the perfect option. No matter the kind of event you are planning, this type of light design enthrals the senses of your customers and connects them to the happenings on stage.

We offer different kinds of Moving Lights. Our big range of Moving Heads, especially, is a customer?s favourite. They are available as Wash Lights, Spot Lights and Beam Lights as well as Hybrids.

Colour adjustable, from RGB to RGBWA+UV, they can be used to create different kinds of beam effects. From dynamic effects and solid beams to pixel manipulation, everything is possible.  The devices are connected to the Lighting Console via DMX or WDMX. This gives the user a precise control over the Moving Lights and even enables him to adjust individual LEDs. It is therefore possible to create intricate effects such as letters.

Due to their versatility they can be used not only on stage or in theatre but also in clubs and at concerts. This makes them the perfect addition to your event.