Moving Heads Wash

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Moving Heads Wash

To illuminate a whole room in a soft, iridescent light, either in white or in colour, a Moving Heads Washlight is your best choice. They produce slightly diffused rays of light, which seemingly tint the air with colour. Washlights are the complete opposite to a Spotlight?s sharp and clear beam.

Even though a Washlight isn?t able to use precise lighting effects, its true strengths lie in its colour intensity and colour variety. A WDMX connection to the individual COB-LEDs enables you to create your own range of colour mixtures. Whatever colours suit your needs best, if plain white or sophisticated pink, our Washlights can provide them.

Different types of dimmer curves make a synchronisation with music possible. No matter if you want to use a square or an s-curve there are lots of possible ways to create a fluent transition.

If you are looking for a lighting effect which bathes the room in mystical light, our Washlights are the right choice for you.