Moving Heads Beam

ADJ American DJ Inno Pocket Z4

  • High output mini Moving Head with a bright 4 x 10W Quad RGBW LED source
  • 3 Operational modes: DMX Control, Sound Active Mode & Show Mode
  • 3 DMX Channel Modes: 16/19/22
  • 4 Built-in shows
Item no.: 1237000121

EUROLITE LED TMH-19 Moving Head Beam

  • Moving Head Beam with narrow beam angle and 3 W LEDs
  • Equipped with 19 x 3 W LED (4 x red, 5 x green, 6 x blue and 4 x white)
  • Compact lightweight
  • Narrow beam angle
Item no.: 51786051

EUROLITE LED TMH-51 Hypno Moving-Head Beam

Mini-Beam with 60 W COB LED, RGBW color mixing and hypno ring in 4 segments

  • Beam effect with a 60 W COB LED in RGBW colors and hypno ring with altogether 12 RGB SMD LEDs
  • Stepless RGBW color mixture, color presets and color change
  • Internal programs
  • LED hypno ring with stepless RGB color mixture - each color and each segment can be controlled individually
  • Compact lightweight
  • 16, 21 or 23 DMX channels selectable
  • Masterdimmer
  • Strobe effect with 0-20 flashes per second and with adjustable speed
  • Positioning within 540° PAN and 210° TILT
  • Exact positioning via 16 bit PAN/TILT movement resolution
  • DMX-controlled operation or stand-alone operation with Master/Slave function
  • Sound-controlled via built-in microphone, sensitivity adjustable
  • Addressing via control panel with 4-digit LED display
  • Switch-mode power supply for operation between 100 and 240 volts
  • Ready for connection via IEC power cord with safety plug
  • LED: 12 x SMD 3in1 TCL RGB (homogenous color mix)
  • LED: 1 x COB (chip-on-board) 60 W 4in1 QCL RGBW (homogenous color mix)
  • Control: DMX; Sound to light via Microphone; Stand-alone
  • Projection: flicker-free
  • Effect: Single Beam
Item no.: 51785897

EUROLITE TMH XB-130 Moving-Head-Beam

Item no.: 51786810

Showtec Juno FX Moving Head

  • 2-in-1 Beam effect
  • Rotating lens dish
  • Easy rigging
  • Built-in rotate macros
Item no.: 45052

Showtec Phantom 30 LED Beam

  • 30W Beam effect
  • 14 Beam FX Gobos
  • 7 Dichroic colors
  • Built-in programs
Item no.: 40050

FOS Beam 7R Hybrid Plus

  • 7R Hybrid 230 watt lamp
  • 3 phase motors
  • Beam aperture: 0-3.8°
  • Frost lens: wash effect
Item no.: L004937

Infinity B401 Beam - Furion Serie

  • Multiple Colour-bump possibility
  • Prism Overlay
  • Frost filter
  • Fast movement through high torque motors
  • On-Board W-DMX
Item no.: 41533

Infinity iB-2R Beam incl. Osram lamp

  • 8 Facet & Linear prism
  • Color-bump possibility
  • Fast movement through high torque motors
  • Battery powered menu
Item no.: 41531

Infinity iB-5R Beam incl. Osram lamp

  • 8 Facet prism with zoom
  • Color-bump possibility
  • Frost filter
  • Fast movement through high torque motors
  • Battery powered menu
Item no.: 41530

Showtec Phantom 3R Beam

  • extrem zuverlässigen
  • 3r Beam
  • 150W Entladungslampe
  • Matrixeffekte
Item no.: 40079

Showtec Phantom 3R Hybrid - Osram

  • Spot, Wash & Beam
  • 2 Goboräder
  • Lineares Prisma & kreisförmiges Prisma, die sich überschneiden
  • Zoom, Fokus und Frost
Item no.: 40075

Showtec Saber

  • Continuous pan & tilt
  • 94mm 4° Lens
  • 60W RGBW Osram Ostar
  • Extreme fast movements
Item no.: 45053

Showtec Shark Beam FX One

  • Eye-catching aerial effect
  • Oled display
  • Ir remote included
  • 3x 40W Q4 LED
Item no.: 45024
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Moving Heads Beam

A beam neither possesses the clear edges and prominent shadows which characterise spotlights nor is it as soft and diffused as a washlight. Representing a cross between these two lighting design elements, our Beam Moving Heads are great tools which are able to use gobos in order to produce a slightly diffused but yet impressive image.

A DMX connection between moving head and lighting console is established by a powerCon connector with integrated 3- or 5-Pin XLR. This makes an easy and fast pixel control possible, resulting in a smooth colour and effect transition. Given the Moving Head?s versatility in colour design you can use everything from primary and pastel colours to natural whites.

Available also as shooters and bars with independently moving Moving Heads, the beams produce a light show which practically invites you to dance.