Moving Heads Beam

Cameo MOVO BEAM 100 - Unlimited Rotation Beam Moving Head with LED Ring

  • Beam
  • 60 W Osram
  • RGBW
  • Single Pixel Control
Item no.: ADHCLMB100
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Moving Heads Beam

A beam neither possesses the clear edges and prominent shadows which characterise spotlights nor is it as soft and diffused as a washlight. Representing a cross between these two lighting design elements, our Beam Moving Heads are great tools which are able to use gobos in order to produce a slightly diffused but yet impressive image.

A DMX connection between moving head and lighting console is established by a powerCon connector with integrated 3- or 5-Pin XLR. This makes an easy and fast pixel control possible, resulting in a smooth colour and effect transition. Given the Moving Head?s versatility in colour design you can use everything from primary and pastel colours to natural whites.

Available also as shooters and bars with independently moving Moving Heads, the beams produce a light show which practically invites you to dance.