MA Lighting adheres to the motto “The whole is much bigger than the sum of its parts”. And even though the company consists of two different firms, MA Lighting Technology (production, scientific research, development) and MA Lighting International (Marketing, sales, technical support, service), both of them work hand in hand. This enables them to produce powerful and finely tuned products which are able to compete in the international markets of today’s world. A truly unequalled synergy can be created when individual components are combined.

The company produces computer-controlled lighting consoles and many different networking components. These are used during live-events, in theatres or musicals and on TV or film.

But MA Lighting is most famous for their grandMA series. The first version, which came out in 1997, truly revolutionised the market. In 2018 they released the third version, the grandMA3. It comes with new fixtures, features and effect-handling.