Lighting Controls & Dimmer

EUROLITE Foot Switch KLS Compact Light Set MK2

Wireless foot switch for KLS Compact Light Sets

  • Control: Wireless footswitch
  • Housing design: Foot control
Item no.: 51741093

Showtec ColorCue 1

  • LED-Controller
  • 1 Masterfader
  • 6 Farbenregler
  • 12 Speichertaster
Item no.: 50703

Showtec ColorCue 2

  • LED-Controller
  • 1 Masterregler
  • 6 Helligkeitsregler
  • 6 Farbdrehregler + 20 Speicherplätze
Item no.: 50704
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Lighting Controls & Dimmer

Controllers are essential in lighting design. They enable you to effectively control the different functions of spotlights, moving heads and other lighting devices. This is made possible by a DMX (digital multiplex) connection. For many years now lighting technicians have put their trust into this system.

Amateur controllers have up to 512 DMX channels, meaning they can only control up to 16 spotlights. With professional devices on the other hand there are no limits to the amount of existing channels. One controller is therefore able to control 40 devices and more.  This, however, also depends on the amount of different functions that every device posseses. Rotations, special effects, colour changes etc. each take up one DMX-channel. It is also possible to program the light control before the actual show and then edit it on a computer via a DMX software before actually putting it into action on stage.

To dim multiple spotlights at the same time, a dimmer is interposed between controller and lighting device. They enable you to control the intensity of the produced light. The controller passes the command, via the dimmer, on to the moving head/spotlight.

Switch packs are very similar to dimmers in their set up. They, however, are tasked with turning devices on and off. This is often used in theatre productions. When it fits the scene, the stage can quickly turn dark. Dimmers on the other hand are best suited for stage shows and concerts.