Showtec GU10 50mm MR16

230V 35W, Orange
Item no.: 82379

Artecta DENVER-M MR-16 GU10+GU5,3 driver / transformer excluded

Max. 1 x 50W Downlight - MR16
Item no.: A0130102

Showtec GU10 50mm MR16

230V 35W, Orange
Item no.: 82378

Showtec Lumilux T5 High Efficiency 14W G5

White, 3500K. 1200Lm.
Item no.: 84002

OMNILUX PAR-30 240V/75W E27 spot 2500h

  • PAR-30 Lamps
  • Halogene lamp, suitable for E-27-socket (230 V~)
  • Clear, brilliant halogene light for spot (10°) or Flood (30°)
  • Operation at mains voltage without transformator
Item no.: 88041005

Showtec LED Operator Touch

The LED Operator Touch is a new compact controller dedicated for architainment solutions. It can control up to 8 groups of RGBW fixtures. Programming is very easy by the touch sensitive buttons. A clear LCD display guides you easily to the menu and shows you all functions. The LED Operator can store 120 scenes and 16 chases (4 scenes on 30 banks, 4 chases on 4 banks)
Programms can run by automatic mode (fade and speed time can be set) either by sound.
Item no.: 50724

Showtec Galactic RGB600 Value Line - 600mW Red Green Blue Laser

  • Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Cyan and White colors
  • 80 Patterns
  • 600mW, 15K Scanning
  • Different auto and sound shows integrated
  • Free upgrade, IR remote control
Item no.: 51325


  • 100W COB UV LEDs
  • Retro Blacklight effect
  • LED Source: 100W UV COB
  • Wavelength: 410nm
  • Beam angle: 110°
Item no.: 80329

Showtec Nanoq 19 IP -

  • Extensive zoom range
  • Clear Lens plate
  • RGB backlight glare effect
  • IP-54 Protection rate
Item no.: 43712

Showtec Par 56 COB 100W 3200K

  • Black
Item no.: 43306


  • LED Beam Panel with 7 W LEDs
  • Equipped with 16 white 7 W LEDs
  • 5 or 16 DMX channels selectable
  • Each LED can be controlled individually
Item no.: 51930275


  • TCL LED spotlight set for easy mobile color creativity!
  • Complete LED light set consisting of 6 LED spots and a crossbar with an integrated DMX control unit and mounting hole (36 mm) with fixation screw for installation on a truss system or stand
  • Pivotable and tiltable spotlights
  • Each spot can be individually controlled via DMX
Item no.: 51918575

Showtec Parcan 56 Long Basic

Item no.: 30324

OMNILUX C-35 LED candle E-14 3200K

  • Elegant tapered lamp-form
  • Extraordinary decorative illumiation with LED technology
  • Diameter 40 mm
  • Advantages of LED technology: long life of the LEDs, low power consumption, minimal heat emission, defacto maintenance free with brilliant light radiation
Item no.: 51928592

Outdoor neon stick T8 36W 134cm UV L

Absolute eye catcher for any garden!

  • Extraordinary lighting for a dazzling atmosphere
  • Qualified for outdoor use
  • Stick length available in 70 cm or 134 cm
  • Obtainable in 9 different colors as well as a UV version
  • With ground spike - simply push into the ground, installation finished!
  • Ready for connection with power cord and Euro-plug
Item no.: 52500259
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