Showtec GU10 50mm MR16 - 230V 35W, Blau

230V 35W, Orange
Item no.: 82379

Artecta DENVER-M - MR-16 - GU10 - GU5,3 Deckeneinbau Strahler

Max. 1 x 50W Downlight - MR16
Item no.: A0130102

Showtec GU10 50mm MR16 - 230V 35W, Orange

230V 35W, Orange
Item no.: 82378

Osram Lumilux T5 High Efficiency 14W G5 - White, 3500K. 1200Lm.

White, 3500K. 1200Lm.
Item no.: 84002

OMNILUX PAR-30 240V/75W E27 spot 2500h

  • PAR-30 Lamps
  • Halogene lamp, suitable for E-27-socket (230 V~)
  • Clear, brilliant halogene light for spot (10°) or Flood (30°)
  • Operation at mains voltage without transformator
Item no.: 88041005

Showtec LED MR16 5W

Item no.: 83102

Showtec Nanoq 19 IP

  • Extensive zoom range
  • Clear Lens plate
  • RGB backlight glare effect
  • IP-54 Protection rate
Item no.: 43712

Showtec LED Operator touch

The LED Operator Touch is a new compact controller dedicated for architainment solutions. It can control up to 8 groups of RGBW fixtures. Programming is very easy by the touch sensitive buttons. A clear LCD display guides you easily to the menu and shows you all functions. The LED Operator can store 120 scenes and 16 chases (4 scenes on 30 banks, 4 chases on 4 banks)
Programms can run by automatic mode (fade and speed time can be set) either by sound.
Item no.: 50724

Showtec Par 56 COB 100W 3200K

  • Black
Item no.: 43306


  • LED Beam Panel with 7 W LEDs
  • Equipped with 16 white 7 W LEDs
  • 5 or 16 DMX channels selectable
  • Each LED can be controlled individually
Item no.: 51930275

OMNILUX C-35 LED Kerze E14 3200K

  • Elegant tapered lamp-form
  • Extraordinary decorative illumiation with LED technology
  • Diameter 40 mm
  • Advantages of LED technology: long life of the LEDs, low power consumption, minimal heat emission, defacto maintenance free with brilliant light radiation
Item no.: 51928592

Laserworld GS-60G

  • helle grüne Laserquelle
  • hunderte feiner Lichtpunkte
  • wasserfestes Aluminium-Gehäuse IP67
  • inkl. Aluminium-Erdspieß zur einfachen Montage
  • wartungsfrei
Item no.: 7640144999636

ADJ American DJ Inno Pocket Z4

  • High output mini Moving Head with a bright 4 x 10W Quad RGBW LED source
  • 3 Operational modes: DMX Control, Sound Active Mode & Show Mode
  • 3 DMX Channel Modes: 16/19/22
  • 4 Built-in shows
Item no.: 1237000121

ADJ AmericanRGB3C IR

The RGB 3C IR is a basic 3-channel RGB LED controller. It was designed to control any standard 3 channel RGB fixture where channel 1 is Red, channel 2 is Green and channel 3 is Blue. All LED fixtures must be set to run in DMX mode and be addressed to DMX channel 1. The units control panel includes nine direct access ?Static Color? buttons, which contain pre-programmed color presets, 3 manual RGB faders so a desired color could be set on the fly, a Program select button which allows for 7 static colors and 10 chase programs to be accessed via the program select fader, a Sound Active button which activates the 10 chase programs to randomly sequence via an internal microphone, an Auto run button also activates the 10 chase programs to randomly sequence while the speed of the chases can be controlled via the Speed fader. The Hold button will lock all buttons and faders and pause the current scene. The controller will remain locked even when power is switched off and on, and finally a Blackout button to bring all values to zero so there is no output going to your fixtures. It?s the ideal control solution for D.J.?s, small night Clubs, and bars that want a simple LED controller to run the show. 

Item no.: 1321000075


  • TCL LED spotlight set for easy mobile color creativity!
  • Complete LED light set consisting of 6 LED spots and a crossbar with an integrated DMX control unit and mounting hole (36 mm) with fixation screw for installation on a truss system or stand
  • Pivotable and tiltable spotlights
  • Each spot can be individually controlled via DMX
Item no.: 51918575
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