Items from Philips

Philips Par 56 GX16d Philips - 240V, 300W, 45°

240V, 300W, 45°
Item no.: 80104P

Philips Projection Bulb EFP GZ6.35 Philips - 12V 100W

  • 12V 100W
Item no.: 80810

Philips Blacklight Slimline - 240V 36W

  • 240V 36W
Item no.: 80302P

Philips Blacklight Slimline G13 Philips - 240V 18W

  • 240V 18W
Item no.: 80301P

Philips Discharge Bulb Philips, G12 - CDM 96V 150W

  • CDM 96V 150W
Item no.: 80974

Philips Discharge Bulb Philips, G12 - CDM 96V 150W

  • CDM 96V 150W
Item no.: 80975

Philips GY16 Philips - 230V 2000W

  • 230V 2000W
Item no.: 80805P

Philips MSD 250/2 GY9.5 Philips - Entladungslampe 250W

  • Discharge Lamp 250W
Item no.: 80926P

PHILIPS MSD250/2 90V/250W GY-9.5 3000h

HMI / MSR / HMP / OMI lamps

  • Extremely high light output
  • Best color rendering
  • Light output three to four times higher in comparison to filament light
  • Light is generated via an arc between two electrodes
  • Constant color temperature and color rendering behaviour over the whole lamp life
  • Halogen metal evaporation lamps provide a spectrum composed of a lot of lines, in contrast to temperature radiators, as halogen-incandescent lamps
Item no.: 89106115

Philips MSI 1200 SFc10-4 Philips - Entladungslampe 1200W

  • Discharge Lamp 1200W
Item no.: 80902P

Philips MSR-575/2 GX9.5 Philips - Entladungslampe 575W

  • Discharge Lamp 575W
Item no.: 80923

Philips Par 56 GX16d Philips - 240V 300W 20°

  • 240V, 300W, 20°
Item no.: 80103P

Philips Par 64 CP62 GX16d Philips - 240V 1000W 23°

  • 240V, 1000W, 23°
Item no.: 80109P

Philips Projection Bulb EFR GZ6.35 Philips - 15V 150W

  • 15V 150W
Item no.: 80807

Philips Projection Bulb ELC GX5.3 Philips - 24V 250W

  • 24V 250W
Item no.: 80814
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