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Numark M6USB Black

Versatile mixing with computer integration.

M6 enables you to step up to a four-channel mixer. This club-style design not only works with any standard audio sources including turntables and CD players, but it also has a USB computer connection. When connected to your Mac or PC, the plug-and-play connection empowers you to mix in audio in from music-player software and record your sets into virtually any audio recording application.

You will enjoy a complete range of performance essentials in M6, including three-band EQ and LED metering per channel. M6 has a replaceable crossfader with slope control, and you can assign any channel to either side of the crossfader.

You can talk over the mix with M6?s dedicated XLR microphone channel and a secondary mic input on channel four. And for the best possible sound, M6 has balanced outputs.

Get all the flexibility of a four-channel mixer plus the power of computer connection with M6.

Item no.: N102921


STEREO|iO wandelt analoge Signale in digitale Audiodaten um. Das Interface besitzt Chinch Buchsen, an die man fast jedes Audiogerät mit Line- oder Phonopegel vom DJ Mixer bis Turntable anschließen kann, um es im Computer aufzunehmen oder zu bearbeiten. Über die Ausgänge des STEREO|iO kann der Computer mit einem verbunden werden, um den Compter zum Mixen von Tracks zu verwenden. Man kann das STEREO|iO auch als zweites Audiointerface verwenden, um zu seinem bestehenden Interface einen zweiten Kanal zum Vorhören zu erhalten.
Item no.: N100334

Numark Mixtrack Platinum

The Highly-Anticipated Mixtrack Platinum DJ controller.

Setting the pace as the world?s leading innovator of DJ equipment and technologies, Numark presents the Mixtrack Platinum DJ controller. This latest addition to the Mixtrack Numark family series enhances the performance of any DJ, from skilled amateur to the most advanced professional.

Mixtrack Platinum offers a host of great features, such as a built-in custom LCD display screen in each 5? capacitive jog wheel, 4-channel mixing capabilities, Filter and gain controllers for each channel, Effects, and 24-bit audio output. Yes?we know with all these amazing features are incredible: it?s like listening to a new song that you know is going to be platinum!


Item no.: N104542


Der Numark Kopfhörer überzeugt durch seine sehr gute Passform, die einseitige Kabelführung, welche für mehr Bewegungsfreiheit sorgt sowie seine tollen Klangeigenschaften, und liefert somit ein einzigartiges Preis-Leistungsverhältnis.
Item no.: N301072

Numark M101 black

Get up and running quickly at any gig.

M101 is a highly adaptable two-channel mixer for DJs. M101 lets mobile DJs get up and running quickly regardless of what gear you bring to the gig. Whether for weddings, parties, clubs and everything in-between, the M101 is a perfect mixer for beginners and seasoned DJs alike who want a durable two-channel solution.

Beyond simply mixing, M101 has a built-in EQ so that you can fine tune your mix depending on the room or the tracks themselves. Two pairs of switchable Phono/Line inputs are included along with a crossfader, ¼? mic input and stereo RCA line output for connection to an amplifier, powered speakers or another mixer. M101 can be rack-mounted and features Numark?s legendary industrial-grade durability.

If you're a DJ on the move and need solid, dependable two-channel performance, look no further than the M101 mixer. If you use a computer at your gigs, be sure to check out the M101USB which has all the same great features of M101 and includes USB audio.

Item no.: N102916

Numark 101USB black

Get up and running quickly at any gig.

DJs always need a dependable mixer. M101USB fits the bill perfectly as a highly adaptable two-channel mixer for virtually any DJ. M101USB lets you get up and running quickly whether you?re using a computer, turntables or CDs. M101USB is right at home at weddings, parties, clubs and everything in-between.

Beginners and seasoned DJs alike who want a durable USB-equipped two-channel solution will find M101USB a perfect fit.  M101USB builds on the two-channel M101 mixer with the addition of an easy-to-use USB audio interface for DJs who want the option of working with their computer as well as traditional analog I/O.

Beyond simply mixing, M101USB has a built-in EQ so that you can fine tune your mix depending on the room or the tracks themselves. Two pairs of switchable Phono/Line inputs are included along with a crossfader, ¼? mic input and stereo RCA line output for connection to an amplifier, powered speakers or another mixer. M101USB can be rack-mounted and features Numark?s legendary industrial-grade durability.

Connecting M101USB to your computer is a snap using a single USB cable. Once connected you can use your computer as an audio source or record your sets straight to your computer's hard drive. If you're a computer DJ on the move and need solid, dependable two-channel performance, look no further than the M101USB mixer.

Item no.: N102917

Numark Party Mix mit LED Lichtshow und Serato DJ Lite

  • Party DJ Controller mit Audioausgängen
  • Einfachstes Plug & Play
  • Serato DJ Lite Software im Lieferumfang enthalten
  • Integrierte Light-Show sorgt für Party Atmosphäre
Item no.: N103673

Numark Mixtrack 3

From Numark the world?s leading innovator of DJ equipment and technologies, comes the incredible Mixtrack 3 DJ controller, designed with the skilled, professionally-aspiring DJ in mind. It?s the latest addition to the Numark family of industry-leading DJ solutions.

This controller offers a whole host of features and performance that sets it way above conventional DJ controllers, yet it offers great bang-for-the-buck and it?s a snap to take anywhere.

Item no.: N103183


  • Wiedergabe von CDs, MP3 CDs, USB Flash Laufwerken sowie Steuerung von Musiksoftware
  • 24 Bit USB Audiointerface
  • Beat-synchronisierbare DSP Effekte mit Wet-Dry Fader: Chop, Echo, Filter, Flanger, Pan, Phaser
  • Leises, schnelles und robustes Slot-Loading Laufwerk
Item no.: 101101

Numark NTX1000


Item no.: N104991

2x Numark Lightwave Activ Speaker with LED Lightbar Set

Turn an Ordinary Event into a Special Occasion

Lightwave is a powered DJ loudspeaker with dual LED arrays that beat and pulse to your music. Lightwave is perfect for any festive situation where you want both terrific sound and brilliant, exciting party lighting. It looks like a million and sounds like a monster stack, but amazingly, Lightwave is perfect where space, budget and setup complexity are major considerations.

Just think of all the small-to-medium-sized events where you want top-quality DJ/PA sound and celebratory lighting: backyard weddings, graduation parties, karaoke contests, pool parties, coffee house performances, recitals, reunions, anniversary observations and more. In every one of these situations, large, expensive, complicated stacks of equipment and lighting are both inappropriate and unnecessary. Lightwave fulfills all your requirements with one easily-transportable, easy-to-set up unit.

Lighting turns any situation into a party. It gets people excited and gets them in the celebration mood. When you add truly great sound to exciting lighting, you?ve got a memorable special occasion. That?s what Lightwave does?it turns ordinary events into special occasions

Show It Off

Lightwave has a Demo Mode that automatically shows off its many lighting operations, all its different modes, so you can show off Lightwave?s amazing lightshow to anyone you want, at any time. It has five customizable lighting modes?Mood, Meter, Mix, Pulse, Party?so you can choose the look and feel that is perfect for any situation.

It?s the Sound!

Lightwave looks great, no question. But it also really sounds fantastic, and here?s why: It has an incredibly powerful 200-watt class D amplifier that operates in a precision bi-amp mode. It has three powerful 6 ½-inch woofers that can really pump out that gutsy, throbbing bass all night long. The 1-inch horn-loaded tweeter adds the perfect sparkle and sheen to the sound for lifelike reproduction that will have everyone in the party mood. Vocals are always clear and distinct, whether they?re played from recorded material, sung by a live group or spoken by the DJ or MC. Everyone hears everything, effortlessly, powerfully. Just the way you want it.

Simple to Connect and Use

It has a great lightshow. It sounds unbelievably good. But the best part is you can use it in so many ways with so much other equipment. Connect DJ mixers, microphones or instruments with its RCA and 1/8-in input jacks. Use its convenient XLR Link Output to ?daisy chain? additional Lightwaves or connect external subwoofers. It even has a standard 36mm pole socket for stand mounting. And all of this powerful sound, great lights and amazing connection flexibility comes in a package less than 30 inches tall and weighing less than 30 lbs. Setup and transportation is a one-person job, even though the end result sounds and looks like it?s from a cast of thousands!

Item no.: N103182S1

2x Numark NDX500 Set

The very definition of versatile

NDX500 is a USB/CD media player and software controller that lets you DJ with your entire media library?anywhere. Combining comprehensive standalone functionality with deep hardware and software integration, NDX500 is capable of playing and mixing music from virtually any digital audio source. DJ with USB flash drives, CDs, and MP3 CDs without turning on your computer, or use NDX500?s built-in audio interface and USB-MIDI Mode to DJ with software.

Critically acclaimed wheels

The touch-sensitive jog wheel gets the job done with uncanny accuracy. Scratch, search and backspin with precision and reliability in any environment?adaptive platter technology automatically calibrates itself for optimum performance regardless of humidity or environmental changes. An adjustable start/stop time lets you create vinyl-style braking and power-up/down effects.

Every DJ needs connections

All of NDX500?s controls come mapped to Serato DJ* (sold separately), so you can plug in to your Mac and PC and start performing. NDX500 also features USB Audio, allowing you to play back audio from your computer. No matter the source, all critical information is displayed on the backlit display so you can manage your library of tracks at a glance.

Masterful manipulation

An extensive set of track manipulation controls lets you maneuver a set with practicality or raw creativity. The hot cues provide immediate access to key points in the track. Both a looping section and stutter start provide seamless creation of mix foundations, transitions, and more. Auto BPM counters with tap-tempo override gets to the point so you can mix with precision.

Item no.: N102887S1

Numark C2 5-Kanal 19Zoll Rackmixer DJ Mischpult

Item no.: N100163


Maximale Flexibilität - Minimaler Aufwand.
Mobile DJs der heutigen Zeit arbeiten mit mehr Medien, als jemals zuvor. Sie mixen nicht nur Musik von Vinyl, CD, MP3 und Festplatten, sondern arbeiten auch mit Karaoke, Sprache und Computer Slideshows , wodurch die Anforderungen immer komplexer werden. Der C3USB baut auf dem populärsten DJ Mobilmixer Design auf und kombiniert dieses mit der Flexibilität von USB für den stressfreien Anschluss des Mixers am Laptop, um Audioein- und Ausgang für Mac oder PC verwenden zu können.
Item no.: N100154


Das CC-1 ist wegen seiner vielseitigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten das einzige Tonabnehmersystem, welches den Anforderungen der SCRATCH PERVERTS standhält. Deshalb entschied sich die Formierung, die für ihre Scratch- imd Auflegeperformences weltweit bekannt sind, dafür Pate zu stehen.
Item no.: N10139
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