Items from Nova

Nova ACK

Item no.: NO24042

Showtec Barndoor for Parcan 20

Farbe: Schwarz
Item no.: NO30153

Nova AWK Mountingkit fpr EX600

Mounting kit for EX600, incl. tilt function,
angles adjustable from 0° to 15° (in steps of
2,5°), for wall mount.

Item no.: NO24041

Nova EB600 Gig bag

Gig bag for EX600, 2 grip handles,
zipper (around), textile material

Item no.: NO30090

Nova EFC600 flexible connectorer

Flexible connector to combine two
EX600 in a line, incl. pin and safety rope,
angle adjustable from 0° to 20° (in steps
of 5°). For flown applications of two
EX600 in a line, the EMB600 U-bracket
is needed additionally (optional).

Item no.: NO30095

Nova EMB600 U-Bracket for Euphoria Series

U-bracket incl. tripod adapter and
holes for truss clamps or TV cones,
set includes 2 x handscrews,
for EX600

Item no.: NO30092

Nova ETA600 Truss Clamp adapter

Truss clamp adapter, usable also with
other quick connection systems, for EX600

Item no.: NO30093

Nova FP 1

Universeller Schrägsteller
Item no.: NO80035

Nova IWK

Adapter zur Montage der Lautsprecherbox an einer Wand
Item no.: NO20060

Nova LSC 15

LSC 15

Item no.: NO90045

Nova LSC 3


Item no.: NO90010

Nova LSC 8


Item no.: NO90024

Nova Patch1 Patchcable

Patch cable, 1 x Neutrik© XLR female
(input), 2 x Neutrik© XLR male,
length 25 cm

Item no.: NO90034

Nova ROD1 Distance Rod

Distance rod (steel tube combination)
to connect satellite systems,
M20 bolt for subwoofers

Item no.: NO80016

Nova SAC 1

Adapterkabel, Cinchmale/XLRmale
Item no.: NO90500
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