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M-Audio AV32

  • 3-inch polypropylene-coated woofers for tight, accurate bass
  • 1-inch ferrofluid-cooled silk cone tweeters for clear, pristine highs
  • OptImage IV tweeter wave guides for superior imaging and detail
  • 10-watt per channel amplifier
Item no.: MA103294

M-Audio AV42

  • 4-inch polypropylene-coated woofers for tight, accurate bass
  • 1-inch ferrofluid-cooled silk cone tweeters for clear, pristine highs
  • OptImage IV tweeter wave guides for superior imaging and detail
  • 20-watt per channel amplifier with Class A/B architecture
Item no.: MA103295

M-Audio OXYGEN 61 MK4

 The Oxygen Series

M-Audio pioneered the portable MIDI controller market with the Oxygen series of keyboard controllers. Today, M-Audio continues to be a leader of this technology by developing intuitive controllers for software-based music production and performance. Thanks to continued innovation over the course of nearly a decade, the new Oxygen series controllers offer more control, deep hardware/software integration, and come equipped with a reliable build that enables you to make music on the go or implement these controllers into any studio.
Streamlined Control

With an array of assignable knobs, pads, and faders, Oxygen 61 gives you total control over your software, allowing you to stay engaged in the creative flow of recording and mixing music without ever reaching for the mouse. It features 61 velocity-sensitive keys for playing chords, bass lines, and melodies; eight assignable knobs for tweaking effect plugins and virtual instruments; eight velocity-sensitive pads for triggering samples or finger drumming; and nine assignable faders for mixing tracks together and controlling the master output. Oxygen 61 also has dedicated transport controls and track-up and -down buttons that allow you to initiate play, stop, and record in the DAW environment right from your keyboard controller.
Use Your Favorite DAW

The Oxygen 61 MIDI controller offers out-of-the-box integration with popular DAWs including Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, and many more. Using DirectLink, Oxygen 61's controls instantly map to key parameters in your favorite DAW, enabling you to immediately tweak the mixers, editors, and transport windows. Additionally, Oxygen 61 has built-in customizable mapping presets that quickly interface Oxygen 61 with your favorite effect plugins and virtual instruments. Setting up a MIDI controller with your software doesn?t get any easier than this.

Item no.: MA102435

DMT SB-804 Sender Box Pro Dual - Dual Sendercards built in

  • Patch led screens without use of a computer and Led Studio
  • 2x 802 Sendercard included
  • DVI-D and HDMI input
Item no.: 101602


  • Polarity switch
  • Hardwired 1/4" cable
  • Molded construction
Item no.: MA101606

M-Audio M-Track Eight

- 8-channel USB audio interface
- 8 XLR+1/4" combo inputs with individual metering
- Pristine and precise audio recording with up to 24-bit/96 kHz resolution
- High-headroom inputs with Octane Preamp Technology
- Dedicated line-input circuitry for clean, professional recordings
- 2 front-panel instrument inputs for easy access
- Selectable phantom power (Channels 1-4; 5-8) for using condenser microphones
- Dual headphone outs with selectable source for custom mixes and monitoring
- 8 balanced 1/4" outputs and dedicated control room output
- Zero-latency monitoring with USB/Analog Direct Balance control
- Standard 1U 19" rack size with durable metal construction
- Includes Cubase 7 LE for out-of-the-box music creation and up to 8 channels of simultaneous audio recording
Item no.: MA102342

MA99005071200 MIDISPORT 1X1

- 1 MIDI-Ausgang, 16 Kanäle.
- 1 MIDI-Eingang, 16 Kanäle.
- LED-Anzeige für Eingang, Ausgang und Power.
- "Self Powered", funktioniert ohne zusätzliches Netzteil.
- Hervorragend für den portablen Betrieb an Laptops oder Notebooks.


Item no.: MA101604

M-Audio M3-8 Paar

 Amazing Three-Way Fidelity

Step up to superior three-way sound with the M3-8 studio monitor from M-Audio. Savor the improved fidelity, enhanced imaging, and super-wide sweet spot of this exceptional three-way studio monitor as you mix your sessions and laydown tracks. Track and mix with the enhanced accuracy and superior imaging that only a three-way monitor can provide. Using an efficient inline design, the space-saving M3-8 Studio Reference Monitors provide truly spectacular three-way sound in the same space as a standard two-way monitor.
Twin-Line Design

The efficient M3-8 design allows the mid- and high-frequency drivers to be mounted inline. By delivering sound along the same focal plane, the M3-8 speakers deliver improved time-domain alignment for fatigue-free listening. Lightweight woven Kevlar endows the 8" low-frequency driver and 5" mid-range driver with strength and reliability. The 1" silk dome tweeter offers integrated waveguides to provide increased clarity. In addition to the attractive real wood baffle, the cabinet provides tuned bass porting and optimized internal bracing to produce the highest levels of fidelity.
Three Is Key

Three individual amplifiers provide power to each of the three speaker elements. A total of 220 Watts of Class A/B amplification empowers the M3-8 with ample headroom for even the loudest mixes. Finely tuned crossovers deliver rich tonality across the entire frequency spectrum. The powerful three-band EQ?and a switchable low-cut filter?allow you to shape the sound to match your listening environment. Pinhole-mounted blue LEDs provide an easy-to-use visual aide for perfect speaker placement. The result is an outstanding monitor able to perform in the most critical of listening environments.

Item no.: MA101847S1
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