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König und Meyer K&M 26085 Einhand-Mikrofonstativ schwarz

With the unique »Soft-Touch« one-hand clutch the height can be adjusted with a quick squeeze to easily raise and lower the mic. Sleek, flat, cast-iron base is very stable and durable. Quality black powder coating is extremely durable.

Item no.: 26085-300-55

3x König und Meyer K&M 27105 Mikrofonstativ schwarz Set

Mikrofonstativ mit Schwenkarm und Kunststoffsockel. Die 3 Metallfüße sind für einen bequemen Transport umklappbar. Die Arretierung des Schwenkarms erfolgt über eine handliche Flügelmutter.
Item no.: 27105-300-55S1

König und Meyer K&M 23150 Tabletop microphone stand - black 3/8"

The telescopic microphone stand with a 3/8" threaded connector is extremely versatile. Its height can be adjusted from 230 to 400 mm using the practical clamping lever.

This light-weight three-legged stand with folding legs is suitable for mobile operation. The robust foot end caps provide stability and reduce undesirable transmission noise.

Item no.: 23150-300-55

König und Meyer K&M 232 Table microphone stand - black

Sound-absorbing cast-iron base with nickel-plated or black powder-coated screw-in rod, 3/8" thread.

Item no.: 23200-300-55

König und Meyer K&M 23220 Table microphone stand - black

Sound absorbing cast-iron base with 3/8" thread.

Item no.: 23220-300-55

König und Meyer K&M 23230 Table microphone stand - black

Interesting Perspective! Affordable table microphone-stand in a new attractive form, compact and practical. The low stand with its distinctive trilobular base (triangle form) holds the microphone reliably and securely in place.

The circular rubber insert ring filters foot step sounds, reduces the transmission of unwanted sounds and provides a non-slip vibration-free stand.

Item no.: 23230-300-55

König und Meyer K&M 233 Table- /Floor microphone stand - black

 Combination floor and table stand. Heavy black cast-iron base with sound absorbing rubber insert. Height-adjustable 2-piece tubing.

Item no.: 23300-300-55

König und Meyer K&M 234 Table- /Floor microphone stand - black

Black rectangular cast-iron base with tilt angle adjustment, 2-piece adjustable extension tubing with non-marring height-adjustment mechanism. Ideal for drums and studios.

Item no.: 23400-300-55

König und Meyer K&M 25400 Mikrofonstativ schwarz

Entry-level, low-priced microphone stand. The practical swivel joint allows the one-piece boom arm to be simultaneously positioned for tilt and length. Thanks to a low weight of only 1.85 kg, it is particularly suitable for the mobile musician.

The stand requires little space as its base diameter is only 660 mm. The large foot end caps help to make the stand stable and reduce unpleasant transmission noise.

Item no.: 25400-300-55

König und Meyer K&M 255 Microphone stand - black

Low-level stand with folding base, complete with long, 2-piece extendable boom arm.

Item no.: 25500-300-55

König und Meyer K&M 25600 Microphone stand - black

High-quality microphone stand with telescopic boom arm. Die-cast base with folding legs. Unique design retains all screws and levers without tension. Patented clamping lever can be fixed in any position, for holding mic cable, etc

Item no.: 25600-300-55

König und Meyer K&M 25680 One hand microphone stand - black

With the unique »Soft-Touch« one-hand clutch the height can be adjusted with a quick squeeze to easily raise and lower the mic. Metal base with foldable legs for compact transport. Quality black powder coating is extremely durable.

Item no.: 25680-300-55

König und Meyer K&M 259 Microphone stand - black

Low-level, telescopic stand with foldable legs. Comes with 2-piece boom arm.

Item no.: 25900-300-55

König und Meyer K&M 259/1 Mikrofonstativ schwarz

Extra low design for bass drums or special use. Die-cast base with folding legs. Comes complete with boom arm.

Item no.: 25910-300-55

König und Meyer K&M 25910 Mikrofonstativ »Soft-Touch« basaltgrau

Extrem niedrige Ausführung für Bass-Drum oder spezielle Aufnahmetechniken
Item no.: 25910-300-87
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