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König & Meyer K&M 23910 Quick-Release Adapter for microphones - black

The new König and Meyer Quick Release Adapter makes quickly switching of microphones or other accessories on stage or in studio easier. The adapter consists of two components.

The lower section is screwed into the 3/8" or 5/8" microphone stand thread, and the upper section is screwed on using a 3/8" or 5/8" microphone clamp or holder or to other accessories.

The lower section ensures the secure and flexible hold of the upper section through 8 punched bore holes. The upper section is used to remove or click the microphone into place using the quick-release adapter.

By pressing the scored plastic handle on the upper section both sections can either be disconnected or clicked in place. The adapter is made of high-quality aluminum. A thread adapter is included with the delivery for 5/8" threading. Both adapter components can be left attached to the stand i.e. on the microphone/accessories.

Item no.: 23910-000-55

König und Meyer K&M 100/1 MUSIC STAND - white

K&M's colorful collection of music stands helps to make music fun for kids of all ages. Folding, 3-piece telescopic design.

Item no.: 10010-000-57

König und Meyer K&M 100/1 Notenpult lilac

Standard music stand, extended twice.

Item no.: 10010-000-65

König und Meyer K&M 21336 Distanzrohr schwarz

Item no.: 21336-000-55

König und Meyer K&M 26004 Knurled washer

To secure rod combination in the round base.

Item no.: 26004-000-00

König und Meyer K&M 21333 Distanzrohr schwarz

Stahlrohr zur Verbindung von Satellitensystemen.
Item no.: 21333-000-55

König und Meyer K&M 21337 Distance rod - black

Steel tube combination to connect satellite systems. With bottom M20 thread to attach connector plate 24116. Zero backlash and absolute vertical position. Height adjustment with spring-loaded locking screw and safety bolt.

Item no.: 21337-000-55

König und Meyer K&M 21459 Speaker stand package - black

2 x K and M Speaker Stand 21450 in a Carrying Case.

Item no.: 21459-000-55

König und Meyer K&M 100/1 Notenpult rot

Standard music stand in various colors.

Item no.: 10010-000-59

König und Meyer K&M 100/1 Notenpult rainbow

K&M's colorful collection of music stands helps to make music fun for kids of all ages. Folding, 3-piece telescopic design.

Item no.: 10010-000-99

König und Meyer K&M 100/1 Notenpult black

Standard music stand in various colors.

Item no.: 10010-000-55

König und Meyer K&M 18846 Tragetasche

Stativbag Baby Spider Pro
Item no.: 18846-000-00

König und Meyer K&M 21367 Distanzrohr »Ring Lock« schwarz

Stahlrohrkombination zur Verbindung von Satellitensystemen
Item no.: 21367-014-55

König und Meyer K&M 17513 Three guitar stand »Guardian 3« - black

The Guardian holds 3 guitars securely, saves space and allows you an easy overview of your guitars. Ideal for use in the studio,
on stage in a shop or at home. No matter whether you have acoustic, electrical or bass guitars, the special instrument-compatible supports protectively hold max. 3 guitars. The protective bars stop the guitars from rotating and prevent inadvertent removal or knocks or bumps when taking the guitars from the stand or placing them.

The soft pads made of high quality thermoplastic elastomer have cushioning characteristics. Therefore they protectively take the weight of the guitar and avoid damages of the instrument. The innovative folding mechanism used on the Guardian allows the stand to be carried easily and it can be left standing upright. Highly flexible, sub-divided support arms with integrated pick holders mean the guitar can be held from either side (right or left) and that the strings are untouched.

The structural design allows the Guardian to be positioned against a wall. The Guardian is available entirely in black or with translucent support elements, which excludes potential discolouration of valuable guitars with nitrocellulose paints.

Item no.: 17513-000-55

König und Meyer K&M 210/9 Microphone stand - black

A more compact version of the classic 210/2. The combination of the long-legged 201A/2 mic stand and the 211/1 telescopic boom arm. Like the 210/2, the 210/9 sets the standard for professional microphone boom stands.

Item no.: 21090-300-55
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