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HK Audio Pulsar PL 110 FA Bag

Tailored, padded covers are optionally available for all PULSAR series§models. Openings afford access to the enclosures? carrying handles.

Item no.: 1007401

HK Audio ELEMENTS Cover/ Tragetasche für E 110 Sub, gepolstert

  • doppelt gepolstert, um aktive und passive Subs besonders effektiv gegen Transportschäden zu schützen
  • Cover/ Tragetasche für E 110 Sub
Item no.: 1006609

HK Audio Nano 600 Roller Bag

  • padded trolley
  • offers a convenient means of transporting LUCAS NANO 600
  • protects it against moisture, dirt and damage
Item no.: 1007381

HK Audio ELEMENTS Distanzstange EP 2

These speaker poles are unlike any other. They enable simple, speedy setup for smaller configurations. Freely adjustable, they forward the signal to the top-mounted mid/ high units via the internal E-Connect coupler/ bus ? no speaker cords necessary.
Item no.: 1006668

HK Audio LINEAR 5 - L5 112 F/FA Schutzhülle Cover

  • cover for HK Audio LINEAR 5 - L5 112 F/FA
Item no.: 1007079

HK Audio Linear 5 112 FA - Aktiv Lautsprecher

  • Application: Mid/High unit, Stand Alone System
  • 1000 Watt Class-D (650 W + 350 W, biamped)
  • 12? Speaker with 2,5? voice coil
  • 1? Driver with 1,75? voice coil
Item no.: 1006943

HK Audio Premium Pro PR:O 15 / PR:O 15 A Schutzhülle

  • Schützhülle für die PR:O 15 Passiv- oder PR:O 15A Aktivbox
  • Gute Verarbeitung
  • Bietet zuverlässigen Schutz für Ihre Boxen
  • Farbe: schwarz
Item no.: 1006193

HK Audio Premium Pro PR:O 210 S/210 Sub A Schutzhüllen/Cover

  • HK Audio Protective Case - PR: O 210 Sub
  • Color: Black
Item no.: 1006451

HK Audio Premium Pro PR:O12 D

  • Application options: As standalone fullrange speakers, in combination with PR:O 18 SUB A and PR:O 210 SUB A subwoofers
  • 1,200 watt class-D bi-amped
  • DSP for plug"n"play handling without complicated layered menus
  • Integrated control over EQ, X-over, limiter and more functions
Item no.: 1007004

HK Audio Premium Pro PR:O12 D + Schutzhülle Set

A fullrange cab in the classic 12"/1" format, this unit serves up a balanced sonic image and high SPL with remarkable speech intelligibility. The integrated DSP-based power circuitry delivers 1,200 watts to make the PR:O 12 D an assertive sound reinforcement tool. It?s also the perfect satellite for the PR:O 18 SUB A subwoofer.

Item no.: 1007004S1

HK Audio Premium Schutzhülle Pro PR:O12 D

  • precisely fitting, padded protective cover
  • for all Premium PR: O D models available as optional accessory
  • Cutouts for the handles of the top parts
Item no.: 1007537

HK Audio Premium Schutzhülle Pro PR:O15 D

  • passgenaue, gepolsterte Schutzhülle
  • für alle Premium PR:O D Modelle als optionales Zubehör verfügbar
  • Aussparungen für die Griffe der Topteile
Item no.: 1007535

HK Audio S-Connect Pole LN integral signal bus

  • stepless adjustable length: 83 ? 137 cm
  • anodized Aluminium
  • weight: 900 gr.
Item no.: 1007492

HK Audio Distanzstange M20

  • mit Gewinde
  • höhenverstellbar
  • 90-145 cm
Item no.: 1006137

HK Audio ELEMENTS Cover/ Tragetasche für EF 45 Standfuß

  • EF 45 base fits perfectly in this tote bag/over-the-shoulder holder
Item no.: 1006610
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