Items from Eurolite

EUROLITE Magenta Dichroic Filter sil. Frame PAR-56

Item no.: 9430140B

EUROLITE Magenta Dichroic Filter bla. Frame PAR-56

  • Dichroic color filters
  • The professional solution!
  • Color filter with highest constancy
  • No more fading-out and burn-outs
Item no.: 9430140A

EUROLITE Color Foil 113 magenta red 122x100cm

  • High-quality color foils
  • For adding colour to a white beam
  • Attached in color-filter frames in front of halogene-spots
  • Great variety of colors
Item no.: 94000113

EUROLITE Color Foil 113 magenta red 61x50cm

  • High-quality color foils
Item no.: 94001130
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