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Dynacord Powersub 112 aktiv Subwoofer

  • 1x 12" aktiver Subwoofer
  • Class-D Endstufe
  • Frequenzweiche
  • 200W RMS, 400W IHF-A
Item no.: F01U161502

Dynacord PowerSub 212

  • 2x 12" aktiver Subwoofer
  • Class-D Endstufe
  • 400W RMS, 800W IHF-A
Item no.: F01U161503

Dynacord SUB 112 passiver Subwoofer

  • 1x 12" Subwoofer
  • passiver Tiefpass
  • 1600W/ 400W
  • 8 Ohm
Item no.: F01U100844

Dynacord DSP 260 Controller für Endstufen

Item no.: F01U100852

Dynacord PM 502 Power Mixer

This innovative product comes in a very modern and user-friendly design. It combines finest analogue input circuitry and operating surface with the advantages of its digital master and amplifier section making for a new dimension of flexibility in its class. The acoustical performance meets everything that you have come to expect from a quality Dynacord product.

Its feature package includes: 5 MIC/LINE input channels with compressor / limiter and talk-over function, 3 Stereo Inputs including Jack, RCA and USB connectors, onboard player for MP3 or WAV audio files, high quality effects section with 32 editable presets, 3 Master outputs with 7-band EQ each and flexible signal routing options, delay line for Master-B (150 msec / 50m), headphones control, LPN speaker processing, class-D  2 x 450W RMS respectively 2 x 600W / 4 Ohms IHF-A power, micro-controlled power supply (100V ? 240V), Direct-Drive option for 100V speaker lines, comprehensive protection package, live and install connectivity, optional rack mount kit.

The input structure of the PM 502, along with the entire feature package and connectivity, positions this mixer at the heart of many installations ranging from Bistros, small clubs, lounges, boutiques, hotel bars and lobbies to churches, mosques and a wide range of similar applications. Further the PM 502 is an extremely versatile tool for a multitude of live applications. It will be the ideal choice for entertainers, DJs and small bands looking for a compact and light-weight solution for live applications or rehearsal venues. The onboard MP3-Player on the front, allows the user to easily play pre-recorded music from a USB stick or a hard drive. The digital USB interface on the rear also allows for basic recording.

Item no.: F01U297641

Dynacord Power SUB 312 aktiv Subwoofer Bass Box D-Lite

  • 1x 12" aktiver Subwoofer
  • Dreikanal Class-D Endstufe
  • 800W + 2x 250W
  • 4 Ohm
Item no.: F01U100835

Dynacord SL 1200 Endstufe

3 Jahre Garantie!

Solide DYNACORD Verstärker-Technik zum attraktiven Preis.Die SL Endstufen bieten hohe, stabile Ausgangsleistung bei sehr gutem Wirkungsgrad auf hohem Performance-Niveau und sind damit eine ideale Lösung für viele mobile Systeme und Club-Installationen. SL Amps sind mit einem umfassenden Schutzschaltungs-Paket und dynamischen Limitern ausgestattet.Das intergrierte, schaltbare Low-Pass Notch Filter (ein spezielles DYNACORD Feature) korrigiert den Frequenzgang kleiner bis mittelgroßer PA-Kabinette und optimiert deren Einschwingverhalten.
Item no.: F01U076854

Dynacord TS 100

  • 1 x 6" / 1" Fullrange Lautsprecher
  • Aluminium Gehäuse
  • 600W/150W (peak/RMS)
  • 16Ohm schwarz
Item no.: F01U283235

Dynacord TS 200

  • 2 x 6" / 1" Fullrange Lautsprecher
  • Aluminium Gehäuse
  • 200W/300W (peak/RMS
  • 8 Ohm; schwarz
Item no.: F01U283237

Dynacord TS 200W

  • 2 x 6" / 1" Fullrange Lautsprecher
  • Aluminium Gehäuse
  • 200W/300W (peak/RMS)
  • 8 Ohm; weiß
Item no.: F01U283238
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