Items from Artecta

Artecta VENICE-S 230V G9 25-40W excluded gear

g9-Halopin 25-40W
Item no.: A0240041

Artecta DENVER-M MR-16 GU10+GU5,3 driver / transformer excluded

Max. 1 x 50W Downlight - MR16
Item no.: A0130102

Artecta Fresno-1R Asymmetric 3000 K - 1x2 W LED

  • 1x2 W LED
Item no.: A0520645

Artecta SIGNAL-4 Female restroom IP20 Blue 6x0,2W LED

Item no.: A0830004

Artecta Profile Eco Surface 15 -

2m length
Item no.: A9930030

Showtec Cordoba-1 WW

3W warm-white LED 16 °
Item no.: A0125001

Artecta DENVER-S MR-11 GU4 driver / transformer excluded

Max. 35W Downlight - MR11
Item no.: A0130101

Showtec Madrid-13W

- Excluded ballast
- Housing: Aluminum
- Color: white powder-coated (RAL 9003)
- Weight: 0,32 kg
- Dimensions: ø140 x 170 mm
- White (RAL9003), TCDE-13W G24Q-3
Item no.: A0130770

Artecta MONACO-4S10 70W Silver (RAL9006) 10° reflector

Silver (RAL9006) with 10° Reflector for HTI-CE 70W
Item no.: A0340173

Artecta LED RGB DMX Controller - 3 channels

  • 3 channels
Item no.: A9915011

Showtec Helsinki-SQ-B

Blue - With Built in LED Driver
Housing: Polished aluminium
Item no.: A0230012

Artecta Havana Rigid 6000 K - 30 - 24 VDC - 5050 LED

  • 5050 LED
Item no.: A0866703

Artecta COPENHAGEN-2 MR16 2x50W transformer built in 100-240V

Max. 2 x 50W Spotlight - MR16
Item no.: A0110022

Artecta COPENHAGEN-6 MR16 6x50W transformer built in 100-240V

Max. 6 x 50W Spotlight - MR16
Item no.: A0110026

Artecta Havana Ribbon 3000K 60-24V - 5m 3528 led 400-460 Lm/m

  • 5m 3528 led 400-460 Lm/m
Item no.: A0852031
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