Items from Antari

Showtec M-7X

  • Horizontal, Vertical and downward operation
  • Integrated RGBA LED system
  • Closed fluid tank compartment
  • Built-in colour chases
Item no.: 60770

Showtec Z-10 Remote -

Item no.: 60700

Antari Fog Liquid FLP - 6 Liter for Fire training

  • 6 Liter, for Fire training
Item no.: 60594

Antari Z-1520 RGB - 1500W CO2 Simulating RGB Fogger

  • High Pressure Pump System
  • RGB LED's create coloured smoke effect
  • Powerful 1500W Heater
Item no.: 60755

ANTARI B-100 Bubble Machine

  • Handy bubble machine
  • Handy bubble machine with two rotating wheels
  • A ventilator distributes the generated bubbles in the whole room
  • Less expensive version without control module and remote control
Item no.: 51705120

ANTARI B-200 Bubble Machine

  • Bubble machine with DMX interface for the mega parties
  • Enormous output via four bubble wheels
  • 3 ventilators distribute the bubbles
  • Metal housing with movable mounting bracket
Item no.: 51705125

ANTARI BCR-1 Wireless Controller

  • Wireless controller set for ANTARI units B-100X and B-200T
  • Reciever and transmitter for controlling (on/off) the B-100X and B-200T
  • Transmitter works up to a distance of 50 m (depending on the room)
  • 1 transmitter can control up to 6 units
Item no.: 5170299K

Antari DNG-100 Fogcooler - Converts normal fog to a cloud of white fog

  • Converts normal fog to a cloud of white fog
Item no.: 60601

ANTARI EXT-3 Extension Cord for 5-pin XLR

  • Length:10 m
Item no.: 51702997

ANTARI EXT-4 Extension Cord 3-pin XLR

  • Length:10 m
Item no.: 51702998

Antari F-1 - 700W Pro Fazer

  • Large tube diameter
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Neutrik Powercon
  • 3 & 5P DMX connections
Item no.: 60761

Antari F-1 - 700W Pro Fazer W-DMX

  • On board WDMX Sweden
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Neutrik Powercon
  • 3 & 5P DMX connections
Item no.: 60762

Showtec Antari F-5D - 850W Pro Fazer W-DMX

  • 200% more output than F-3
  • Built-in Wireless DMX receiver
  • Bigger tubes reduces risk of heater clogging
  • More quiet than the F-3
Item no.: 60630

ANTARI F-80/Z Fog Machine

  • Compact fog machine in the Z-series design
  • Small portable fogger with 700 W heater
  • Continuous output
  • Metal housing with carrying handle, movable mounting bracket and safety eyelet
Item no.: 51702923

Antari Fog Fluid FLG-5 - 5 Liter Heavy

  • 5 Liter, Heavy
Item no.: 60595
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