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Alesis ASP-1 flat Sustain Pedal

The Alesis ASP-1 is a universal low-profile sustain pedal for keyboards. The ASP-1 features a non-slip coating on the bottom and on the footpad so the pedal remains steady and secure during use. The pedal has a fast acting, durable mechanism and a polarity switch for universal use. The attached cable features a 1/4 inch plug.

Item no.: AL102328

Alesis Core 1 Audio Interface

One-channel In-Line USB audio Interface

Item no.: AL102356


  • 9 Stompbox Models
  • 3 Microphones - Dynamic 57, Condenser 414, Condenser 87
  • 2 Rack Effects Units - Digital Delay & Parametric EQ
  • Tuner - Fully chromatic
Item no.: AL100796


  • Universal mounting plate for Alesis electronic percussion
  • Mounts to racks with a rack clamp
  • Mounts to stands with a multiclamp
  • Includes mounting screws
Item no.: AL100143

Alesis SamplePad Pro

  • 8 dual zone isolated rubber pads
  • Active blue LED pad illumination
  • 2 additional drum pad inputs
  • Kick Pedal input; selectable switch or trigger mode
  • Hi-Hat pedal input; selectable switch or variable mode
Item no.: AL102346


  • Complete MIDI support for use with keyboards, computers and electronic drum kits
  • 233 professional sounds included
  • Built-in digital effects for added realism
  • Create and save your own customized patterns and songs
Item no.: AL10100


  • Connect any dynamic mic to USB for recording
  • 16-bit, 44.1 kHz digital audio output
  • Internal analog-to-digital conversion system
Item no.: AL100255

Alesis Multimix 10 Wireless

  • 10-channel rack-mountable mixer
  • Channels 1-4 have XLR and jack inputs with 48v Phantom Power & TRS inserts
  • Channels 5-8 are stereo-paired
  • with 1/4" jack inputs, channels 7 & 8 also feature a pair of stereo RCA inputs
  • Channels 9 & 10 can receive audio transmitted from a Bluetooth-enabled device
Item no.: AL101821

Alesis V49 Keyboard Controller

  • 49 full-sized, square-front keys
  • 8 velocity- and pressure-sensitive backlit pads
  • 4 assignable knobs and 4 assignable buttons interface
  • Octave Up and Down buttons let you access the full keyboard range
Item no.: AL102354

Alesis VI25 Keyboard Controller

  • 25 full-sized, square-front, semi-weighted keys with aftertouch
  • 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads
  • with illuminated RGB feedback for beat production and clip launching
  • 24 assignable buttons and 8 assignable knobs interface
Item no.: AL102350

Alesis VI49 Keyboard controller

  • 61 full-sized, square-front, semi-weighted keys with aftertouch
  • 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with illuminated RGB feedback
  • 48 assignable buttons and 16 assignable knobs interface
  • Pitch and modulation wheels deliver expressive, creative control
Item no.: AL102352


  • Four-channel mixer with USB stereo input and output
  • Low-noise digital 16-bit, 44.1 kHz signal on USB
  • Four 1/4" line-level inputs plus RCA tape in/out
  • Works with iPad via Apple USB Adaptor (sold separately)
Item no.: AL100244

Alesis Transactive Wireless

TransActive Wireless ist ein aktives PA System mit integriertem Akku für den mobilen Einsatz. Mit dem integrierten Teleskopgriff, Rädern auf der Unterseite und dem robusten Gehäuse lässt sich der Verstärker problemos transportieren. TransActive Wireless verfügt über zahlreiche Anschlüsse zur Integration externer Signalquellen, darunter Klinken- und XLR-Eingänge für Keyboards, Gitarren, CD Player oder Mikrofone.

Zusätzlich ist der Lautsprecher in der Lage, Musik kabellos per Bluetooth wiederzugeben. Per Knopfdruck wird hier die Verbindung zu kompatiblen Geräten wie etwa Smartphones oder Computern hergestellt. Die Spannungsversorgung erfolgt wahlweise über Netzteil oder Akku mit einer Laufzeit von bis zu 50 Stunden.

Item no.: AL101822

Alesis DRP100 Headphone

Extreme Isolating Electronic Drum Headphones

Item no.: AL102363

Alesis ELEVATE 3 MKII (paar)

  • Precise audio amplification for project studios
  • video playback, gaming and mobile devices
  • Separate high- and low-frequency drivers with crossover
  • High-fidelity amplification with 60-watt peak power
Item no.: AL105023
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