Items from ACCESSORY

ACCESSORY Tether 27cm white 12x

  • Made in Germany
Item no.: 58010590

ACCESSORY Cable Tape yellow/black 150mm x 15m

Cable link

  • Perfect for short-term cable-attachment
  • Priceworthy alternative to cable links made of hard plastic
  • The glued surface is just on the left and right side of the cable links
  • The middle of the cable links are recessed of glue
  • Eye-catching design
  • The cable links are ideal usable at the office area
  • The removal is relatively easily
  • You can use it as a marking tape
Item no.: 30005534

Eurolite Farbfolienrolle 181 congo blue 122x762cm

High-quality color foils

  • For adding colour to a white beam
  • Attached in color-filter frames in front of halogene-spots
  • Great variety of colors
  • Dimensions 122 x 762 cm
Item no.: 94011810
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