Launching Platforms

Showtec FX Shot MKII

  • Easy set-up and use
  • Suited for 50cm and 80cm shooters
  • Plug-and-play
  • Powercon in/output
Item no.: 60906

EUROLITE LED Confetti Storm

Item no.: 51707007

Showtec FX Gun -

  • Integrated Safety Catch
  • 100 shots possible with one full charge
  • 12V SLA Battery Pack Inside
  • Fast charged in 6 hours
Item no.: 61030

TCMfx E-SHOT Electro Cannon für Confetti Shooter

This electronic confetti and streamer shooting system is extremely user friendly. The shooters are in fact already filled with confetti / streamers, a busy pattern and a fuse. With a simple push of a button, the shooters are fired by a fully electronic system. The E-shooters have a size of 40, 60 and 80 cm and a range of 6 meters up to 25 meters. By using, with a variation in length and padding, different shooters full, spectacular confetti & streamer show can be assembled easily. The entire system can be controlled remotely and in addition there is no license required to be allowed to use. The E-Shot System is the alternative to fireworks!

Item no.: TCMFX
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Launchin Platforms

What adds a special touch to professional event planning? Using confetti! Our launching platforms enable you to fire off this sparkling paper, available in all colours of the rainbow, right above the heads of your audience. Nothing excites the crowd more than bathing in this glittering sea of lights.

Only electric shooters can be used in combination with these platforms. They are connected to it via an electric cable and controlled through either a DMX connection or a control console. It is important ensure that the shooters are secured to the cannon by an extra safety clamp to avoid ejecting the body of the shooter as well.

The Showtec FX Gun has been developed to make confetti even more spectacular. It allows the user to move around freely and once charged fully is able to fire about 100 shots.