Lamps / Bulbs

Osram Sirius HRI 140W (3R)

  • Entladungslampe
  • 3r 140W
  • 70V
  • für Moving Heads
Item no.: 81011
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Lamps / Bulbs

With there being many different types of light bulbs you?re prone to making mistakes when trying to choose the right one. If your device, however, isn?t equipped with LEDs you cannot get around using light bulbs. In order to make your search easier, they are sorted according to their access point, differently shaped sockets. With PAR spotlights it?s even easier. Here you merely need to know the type of spotlight you own.

UV lamps stick out as a special kind of luminant. In dark rooms they light up every white surface. This will make the smile of your guests seem even brighter. Often used as black light tubes and black light bulbs, they are the highlight of every party. 

All the necessary additional equipment, such as colour filters, is of course also available.