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LED Technics

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LED Technics

LED technology has revolutionised the event design industry. The sometimes only 5mm large LEDs have infiltrated all corners of the lighting design market and nowadays you will be hard pressed to find devices which run on traditional light bulbs.

Reasons for that are the many advantages of their use. They have, for example, a longer lifespan than regular halogen lamps. For the good of the environment they also have lower power consumption and less heat development. The latter is especially important to stage performers for it prevents the stage from heating up. LEDs are also known to have good colour rendering of both white and colourful lights.

We therefore offer a wide range of LED technics. From well-known spotlights, moving heads and bars to lesser known LED design elements, we have it all. LED walls/floor elements for example can produce unique effects on large backgrounds. Whether you want to create writing, patterns or colour fades, there simply is no limit to your imagination. A similar effect can be achieved by LED curtains. LED stripes and pipes on the other hand are used to decorate areas which aren?t in your audience?s immediate line of sight, e.g. DJ consoles or the edges of truss. Our LED decorations lighting is often used for home decorations.

So if you want to buy a lighting design device, have a look at our LED products. Here you are sure to find something that meets all of your expectations.