LED Technics

Showtec EventLITE 4/10 Q4

  • Long battery life (>5hours FullOn)
  • RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs
  • Wireless DMX by Wireless Solutions Sweden
  • Eco mode for extended batterylife
  • Controllable by optional IR-remote
Item no.: 44060

Showtec Shark Spot One

  • Motorized focus
  • Oled Display
  • Ir remote included
  • 60W LED Source
Item no.: 45023

Showtec Shark Combi Spot One

  • Wash & Spot-in-one
  • Oled Display
  • Ir remote included
  • 30W + 6x 8W Q4 LED
Item no.: 45022

Showtec Shark Zoom Wash One - 7xRGBW

  • 6° - 36° Zoom range
  • Oled display
  • Ir remote included
  • RGBW Colors
Item no.: 45021

Showtec UV LED Bar 100cm MKII -

  • Plug & Play
  • 18 x 3W UV LEDs
  • Retro Blacklight effect
Item no.: 80328

Showtec Shark Wash One - 7x 12W Q6

  • Extremely compact
  • Oled display
  • Ir remote included
  • RGBWA-UV Colors
Item no.: 45020


Item no.: 51930304

EUROLITE AKKU Flat Light 1 sil

  • With QuickDMX transceiver
  • cordless, flexible and versatile
  • Equipped with a 15 W QCL LED in red, green, blue and white
  • Compact and bright
  • Elegant housing for indoor use
Item no.: 41700001

Showtec Expression 600Z - Beam-zoom

  • Wide zoom range
  • RGBW colormixing
  • Continious Pan movement
  • Compact size
Item no.: 41393

Showtec Kanjo Spot 10 -

  • Compact size
  • Gobo and color wheel
  • Sound Control
  • Master/Slave function
Item no.: 45010

Showtec UV LED Bar 50cm MKII -

  • Plug & Play
  • 9 x 3W UV LEDs
  • Retro Blacklight effect
Item no.: 80327

ADJ American DJ Inno Pocket Z4

  • High output mini Moving Head with a bright 4 x 10W Quad RGBW LED source
  • 3 Operational modes: DMX Control, Sound Active Mode & Show Mode
  • 3 DMX Channel Modes: 16/19/22
  • 4 Built-in shows
Item no.: 1237000121

ADJ American DJ Pocket Pro

  • High output mini Moving Head with a bright white 25W LED source
  • 7 Colors + white
  • 7 replaceable gobos + spot
  • Includes kit of 4 additional GOBOs
Item no.: 1237000170

EUROLITE LED BAR-252 RGB 10mm 40° white

  • Handsome LED bar offers new creative possibilities!
  • DMX512 control via regular DMX controller
  • Sound-control via built-in microphone
  • Stand-alone mode functions adjustable via DIP switches
Item no.: 51930423

Showtec Sunstrip Stageblinder

Special blinder for use in trusses, on stages/catwalks and as lighting for decoration. For use with 10x MR-16 bulbs. Changing of lightbulbs is easy and straightforward.
Item no.: 30642
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LED Technics

LED technology has revolutionised the event design industry. The sometimes only 5mm large LEDs have infiltrated all corners of the lighting design market and nowadays you will be hard pressed to find devices which run on traditional light bulbs.

Reasons for that are the many advantages of their use. They have, for example, a longer lifespan than regular halogen lamps. For the good of the environment they also have lower power consumption and less heat development. The latter is especially important to stage performers for it prevents the stage from heating up. LEDs are also known to have good colour rendering of both white and colourful lights.

We therefore offer a wide range of LED technics. From well-known spotlights, moving heads and bars to lesser known LED design elements, we have it all. LED walls/floor elements for example can produce unique effects on large backgrounds. Whether you want to create writing, patterns or colour fades, there simply is no limit to your imagination. A similar effect can be achieved by LED curtains. LED stripes and pipes on the other hand are used to decorate areas which aren?t in your audience?s immediate line of sight, e.g. DJ consoles or the edges of truss. Our LED decorations lighting is often used for home decorations.

So if you want to buy a lighting design device, have a look at our LED products. Here you are sure to find something that meets all of your expectations.