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LED Moving Bars

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Showtec Wipe Out 4-360 - White LED

329,00 € *
Old price: 429,00 €
Available now!

Showtec Phantom 60 LED Bar -

625,00 € *
Available now!

Showtec Wipe Out 3W -

159,00 € *
Old price: 331,00 €
Not available now!

Showtec Wipe Out 4-360 - RGBW LED

269,00 € *
Old price: 448,95 €
Not available now!

Showtec Wipe Out 8RGBW

545,00 € *
Not available now!

LED Moving Bars

Equipped with up to 12 LED lights in a row, our Moving Bars are suited best to illuminate large parts of a room or stage. The LEDs? high colour intensity in combination with a DMX connection ensures a quick and effective change of your event?s ambience, e.g. from a calming and relaxing green to a fiery and lively red. A widespread and well-liked colour combination is RGBW. Colourful effects, such as the rainbow-effect, can be achieved thanks to independently working pixels.

An in-built microphone enables you to synchronise the bar movement, changes in colour and dimmer curves to the beat of the music in a truly spectacular manner.

This type of lighting design is often used on stage, in clubs or by mobile DJs.

We offer high-quality products from ADJ, Showtec and Futurlight, which will turn your event into a great success.