LED Effects

ADJ American DJ Rayzer

  • Exciting built-in shows
  • color washes and laser patterns
  • Stand Alone or Master/Slave Set Up
  • 4-button DMX function display
  • Strobing
Item no.: 1223200049

Cameo STEAM WIZARD 1000 - Illuminated Vertical Fog Machine with 9 LEDs

  • 800 W Heizelement und Hochleistungspumpe für kraftvolle Nebelfontänen
  • 3x rote, 3x grüne und 3x blaue LEDs zur gleichmässigen Ausleuchtung des Nebels
  • Senkrechter oder waagerechter Nebelausstoss
  • Tankeinschub auf Ober- oder Unterseite wählbar, dadurch leichte Überkopfmontage zum Ausstoss nach unten
Item no.: ADHCLSW1000

Cameo MULTI FX BAR EZ - LED Lighting System with 3 Lighting Effects for Mobile DJs, Entertainers and Bands

  • Lichtanlage mit 3 Lichteffekten für mobile DJs und Bands
  • 4 superhelle LED-Spots, 2 rotierende LED-Derbys und 4 Strobe-LEDs
  • Blitzschnell einsatzfähig
  • Inklusive bequemer Transporttasche

Infinity iPW-150 LED Sunpanel - High performance LED Blinder

  • IP-54
  • Pixel control
  • PowerCON TRUE1 in- and outputs
  • Built-in Ethernet switch
  • RDM Artnet & Klingnet
Item no.: 33200

Cameo FLAT STAR - Flat 2-in-1 RGBWA+ UV PAR Light with RGB Ring

  • 3 x 12W RGBWA+UV LEDs für satte Farbmischungen und Schwarzlicht
  • 27 x 0,5W RGB SMD LED Ring mit integrierten Lauflichtmustern für Strobe- und Chase-Effekte oder andersfarbige Umrandung des Lichtkegels
  • 5 DMX-Modi, Sound- und Automatik-Steuerung
  • Master-, Slave- und Standalone-Betrieb

Showtec Bumper Stars

  • 3x 1W LEDs
  • Plug and Play
  • Including IR Remote
  • RGB Mirrorball effect
Item no.: 30874

Showtec Starforce

  • Lasersharp beams
  • Sound-active programs selectable by DMX
  • 10W RGBW 4-in1 LED
  • IEC In- and output
Item no.: 43089

Showtec Freestyler

High power LED moonflower effect
Item no.: 43148

Showtec Bumper Flower

  • 3x 1W LEDs
  • Plug and Play
  • Including IR Remote
  • RGB Colors
Item no.: 30872

EUROLITE LED FX-300 Flower effect

Powerful RGB flower effect

  • Light output via fresnel lens
  • Equipped with 469 LEDs (5 mm), red 280, green 63, blue 126
  • 7 LED-groups are switched without any noise and create the effects
  • Functions: Static colors, automatic color cange with adjustable speed, RGB color blend, 1 internal program
  • Mode selection via DIP switches
  • DMX controlled operation or stand-alone operation
  • Sound control via built-in microphone
  • Microphone sensitivity adjustable via rotary control
  • Master/Slave function for internal program
  • DMX512 control via every standard DMX controller
  • Ready for connection with power cord and safety plug
  • Rugged housing with mounting bracket
  • Perfect on stages, in discotheques, theaters even shops and hotels
Item no.: 51918655


Item no.: 42110193

Showtec Bumper Mushroom

  • Compact effect, wide coverage
  • Plug and Play
  • Including IR Remote
  • RGB Colors
Item no.: 30871

Showtec Bumper Waves

  • 72 Razor sharp beams
  • Plug and Play
  • Including IR Remote
  • RGB Colors
Item no.: 30870

Showtec LED Octostrip Set MKII

  • 8 100cm strips with 4 RGB Sections
  • 5m extension cables included
  • DMX & Art-net control
Item no.: 42232

Showtec Techno Derby

- LED & Strobe Effect
- Bright colorful beams
- RGBW Colors
- 16 Power strobe LEDs

The Showtec Techno Derby is a 2-in-1 light effect that combines 16 powerful white strobe LEDs, with a 4x3 Watt RGBW LED effect. The 2 effects can be selected separately in auto or music controlled programs. It can also be controlled by DMX to give you full control of all features. The strobe has 16 sections with different preprogrammed patterns. All RGBW colors can be selected individually or in many preprogrammed combinations. If you have multiple Techno Derby's the master/slave function can be used to create a synchronized lightshow. If you need one solution to get a Strobe and a colorful LED light effect with full control of all features, the Showtec Techno Derby is what you are looking for.

Item no.: 43156D
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